We are always on the constant lookout for the traits of a particular zodiac sign every time we meet a new person.

And even though we may know some of the characteristics we are not very sure that the personality aspect could be generalised to all those belonging to that zodiac.

So here are some short notes on some of the common traits of the Sagittarius that describe them perfectly:

1. Adventurous

Sagittarians are prone to exhibiting a childlike spirit, which means they are quite adventurous.

It may seem naive in general, but their carefree spirit is quite a revelation for those who live in constant fear.

2. Jealousy

Even though they don’t like saying it out loud, but they are kind of jealous souls.

Not because, they want to be, but once they get attached, they really don’t like you to be entertained by anyone else and others stealing their thunder.

3. Sensitivity Not Shown

These folks don’t generally like to show their sensitive side. They need to be extremely attached to the person in order to show their sensitive side.

So if a Sagitarrian reveals their innermost secrets with you then you are one of the most important people in their life.

4. Short Attention Span

This is certainly not a trait that these folks shared with any other zodiac sign. It is safe to assume that one should always be more patient with their Sagittarius friends who get bored very easily and can’t focus on one thing for too long.

5. Constant Motivation


They love people who would constantly motivate or give them the push they need in life to achieve anything.

They constantly fear that if not pushed well, they may never achieve or even pursue what they crave for.

6. Good Listeners

They are extremely patient listeners, even though they may have a short attention time.

They are extremely calm while listening to you, making them even more adorable.

7. Friend Zone First

Even though you have a slight inkling that the Sagittarian fellow likes you, you would not be able to feel it.

They have trust issues and tend to first friend zone the love interest before jumping into any sort of a relationship.

8. Personal Space Lovers

Sagittarians are not needy or clingy. Which means they want your company but also want some personal space of their own.

They can’t stand people who are too clingy. It is recommended to go with the flow with them rather than mess with their personal space instincts.

9. Lie Detectors

Since they have the ability to the draw the bigger picture, they have a natural way to getting to know if you are lying.

They will dig deep enough to figure out the whole story before you have time to apologize.

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