There’s something about being born in the sun’s stronger months that gives an individual a similar ferocity.

Cancers are unique people with an uncanny ability to recognize when they are in the presence of another Cancer.

When one hyperemotional person encounters another, and they peel back the layers of each other’s personalities, coming to find their birthdays are both within the Cancer range (June 21 to July 22) is no surprise.

Here are five reasons why Cancers are the most intense people you will meet:

1. Control

Cancer is one of four cardinal signs, meaning they are leaders of the zodiac. They approach everything they do with an unmatched enthusiasm and eagerness to get things moving.

Trying to get that group beach trip in the books this summer? Let a Cancer take the lead, and he or she will feel right at home.

On top of that, Cancer is the motherly sign, further asserting a dominant nature — nonetheless, with good intentions.

You might think ripping shots to Disney power hour is a good idea, but a Cancer will cut it off 20 minutes in without so much as letting you belt out “A Whole New World” when he or she sees you’re on the verge of spewing.

It could occasionally seem like a Cancer is bossing you around, but just know it’s with the best intentions in mind (and he or she probably can’t help it).

2. Emotion

Logic and reasoning are foreign concepts to Cancers. Everything they do is on the basis of their emotions, so gut feelings and intuition are guiding lights in decision-making.

Ever hear of a little thing called mother’s intuition? Cancers have enough to go around.

If you’re feeling unsure about your sketchy fling, seek advice from a Cancer and he or she will respond with an outpour straight from the heart.

The sole goal of a Cancer is feeling good – both for themselves and those around them. This is often manifested in impulsive, hedonistic individuals.

When stuck in a situation that does not jive with a Cancer’s feel-good objective, you can expect erratic behavior.

A moody temperament can be a turn-off for some, but for others, it’s just another reason to love them.

3. Loyalty

Another intense quality of a Cancer is loyalty. They are highly family oriented people who will give the shirt off their back for someone they love.

They cherish relationships to the highest degree and make certain they show it.

They have a natural gift for making those in their lives feel cared about and appreciated. In some instances, however, their loyalty can become a fierce protectiveness, which can overwhelm the involved parties.

Try taking it with a grain of salt knowing that if there’s a Cancer in your life, he or she has your back for good.

4. Independence

A Cancer is a complex creature. Cancers are self-sufficient, but only on a surface level. You won’t catch them asking their parents for money, but you will catch them asking their partner if they love them… over… and over… and over.

As Cancers adore making others feel loved, they need that same love shown to them. And without it, they harbor insecurity. Cancers have more trust issues than Drake, and their fear of rejection is off the charts. But, just like humans in general, Cancers evolve.

They only remain this affirmation-seeking person so long as they allow themselves to. Take your friend, for example, who always needs a significant other. His or her existence is validated by the presence of romance in their life.

This can also lead to Cancers having a one-night stand habit. When a Cancer pushes him or herself past that rut he or she notoriously falls into, he or she can be independent on all levels, and thus, make an incredible partner.

5. S3x

S3x with a Cancer is consistent with their other qualities, so you guessed it: intense. As the “feeler” of the zodiac, they demand sensory overload.

You can bank on a passionately physical experience prefaced with drawn-out foreplay that leaves your mind wandering for days after.

Like every sign, a Cancer has his or her strengths and weaknesses. My advice to anyone with a Cancer in his or her life is be to patient, understanding and buckle in for a wild ride. /Dia Becker

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