Hump day brings its shares of bumps in the road, Aries, but if you slow down enough to see them coming—and then dodge ‘em—you’ll be fine. This Wednesday, March 13, larger-than-life Jupiter in your expansive ninth house squares off with the illuminating Sun in your fantasy zone.

While this can spark some incredible plans for your immediate future, including things like a bucket-list trip, it’ll be way too easy to get carried away and veer into unreality. (Around the world in a month?

Um, probably NOT, Ram!) Perhaps the best use of this visionary energy would be to do the creative ideation work and not try to make anything stick—for the moment. Get all your desires down on paper so you know what you’re dealing with, and in the coming days or weeks, start to research and brainstorm and come up with a realistic plan.

But right now, you don’t want to limit your dreaming. Talk to people who’ve “been there, done that” to help you make some smart choices.

On Wednesday, you might find inspiration by mixing things up, whether that means a work-from-home day or just taking a different route and approaching your tasks differently. In this creative mindset, you could hit on something brilliant!

Thursday’s stars send a wakeup call to your professional ambition as driven Mars in grounded Taurus and your security sector harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of long-range planning, in Capricorn and your career corner.

While you might feel like you’re pinballing between go-go-GO (hello, Mars) and “hang on a sec, there” Saturn, together their enthusiasm and pragmatism can actually take you far. The red planet will rev up your enthusiasm, and cautious Saturn has got your back.

There IS a happy balance between being passionate AND productive, and when you tap into it, you’ll outrun the whole pack. But it’s not enough to have a big idea or motivation; you need staying power to motor through the most challenging aspects, which is exactly what Saturn has to offer.

Remember, Ram: This is more like a marathon than a sprint, so conserve your energy and pace yourself. And because Saturn can bring recognition or status, don’t be TOO modest about your goals.

In fact, this is a great time to “hitch your wagon to a star,” and if you know an industry bigwig, strengthen your relationship by volunteering to help out on one of their pet projects. After all, what are a few hours of your time when what you’ll learn—and the connections you might forge—are priceless.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter, seriously narrowing the viewfinder on your wide-angle vision. While you might find this frustrating—what Aries ever wants to be reined in?—in the not-too-distant future you may come to appreciate this cosmic “correction.” While it’s fine to dream big, you don’t want to do anything rash that you’ll have to revise later.

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