This is NOT the week to fake it till you make it! With the confident Sun in your house of details squaring larger-than-life (and famously outspoken) Jupiter in your communicator center on Wednesday, March 13, you won’t even get away with a teensy little fib.

Instead of trying to fudge the facts, let your motto be “Let me get back to you on that.” Even though you have the best intentions, this square will rev up your people-pleasing instincts and could inspire you to do something not in your own best interests.

You don’t have to turn down enticing offers—just take adequate time to assess them before you commit. Once you’ve realistically evaluated what’s on your plate, then you can try to negotiate a better deal.

The sixth house rules helpful people, but the squirrely alignment could turn a friend into a frenemy. If you sense that a coworker or service provider is throwing some attitude your way, don’t just take that shade in stride. (Of course, the trick is to not flip to the other extreme and let the hotheaded Jupiter-Sun square ignite your temper.)

There’s obviously an issue that needs ironing out. Suggest a lunch meeting where you can discuss your shared projects in a relaxed setting—away from the prying eyes of other colleagues who may already have gotten an earful!

You might struggle to stay in balance on Thursday as aggro Mars in Taurus and your eighth house of intense emotions aligns with restrained Saturn in Capricorn and your domesticity zone. Your moods may be up and down like an amusement park ride—except there’s nothing “amusing” about it!

A roommate, relative or your S.O. might be taking advantage of your generosity, and Mars is dialing up your righteous indignation while Saturn has you muzzled. Saying nothing will lead to nothing changing, but you might not be able to find the right words to express how you feel.

Here’s a radical thought (courtesy of impatient Mars): Focus less on how THEY’LL feel and more on what YOU need to say. It may not come out like movie-scripted dialogue, but the most important thing is that you’re truthful.

Make a point of sharing your perspective on the situation—not blaming anyone for their perceived bad behavior. This Mars-Saturn trine could actually be a GOOD thing, Libra. You hate confrontation, yet it’s important to remember that anger isn’t inherently a negative emotion—especially if it motivates you to instigate some needed changes.

So when you feel yourself getting hot and bothered, take a few deep, slow breaths and don’t think about ANYTHING. When your heart rate returns to normal, look for a practical solution and refuse to waste precious hours stewing in your own juices.

This could lead to the two of you coming up with a more workable system together. Even if you have to take a temporary break, it’ll save you endless frustration, possibly even heartache.

You might get another opportunity to work on authentically expressing your feelings on Friday, when Mercury retrograde squares off with Jupiter in your house of self-expression.

While Mercury may inspire you to mentally catalog every “offense,” big-picture Jupiter will widen the focus. Ask yourself this: In the scheme of things, how bad is this thing—really?

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