Stay in the moment, Gem! It’s easy for your mental air sign to spin out a fantasy so far into the future that you lose sight of the here and now, but there are good reasons to rein yourself in.

On Wednesday, March 13, expansive Jupiter in your partnership sector squares off with the enthusiastic Sun in your house of long-range planning. Of course, if you have a big decision to make, this one-day transit could help you think more strategically.

Problem is, it’s hard to know how realistic you’re being under this starry-eyed sync-up. With Jupiter galloping through this zone until December 2, 2019, the “dynamics duos” part of your brain is lit up like Times Square.

And with the “I need it yesterday” Sun in your goal zone, you may be feeling both internal and external pressure to figure out where a particular connection is going.

What would be most helpful now would be to very candidly assess your personal motivation. If you’re in a LTR, are you trying to speed up a timeline in a moment of insecurity? Or do you have a legit reason to know NOW? Think long and hard before you do anything rash because pushing an agenda won’t necessarily advance it.

If anything, it might have the reverse effect, leaving your love interest feeling stressed and annoyed. This is true in both the romantic and the business realms. We’re not saying waiting will be easy (especially for your impulsive sign), but good things do come to Gems who wait.

If you’re single or trying to get a business deal off the ground, remember that Mercury is retrograde and that this might be a better time to research and observe than to try to make a big splash.

Thursday’s stars turn up the dimmer switch on your love life as lusty Mars in sensual Taurus (and your dreamy twelfth house) trines solid Saturn in your erotic eighth. Mmmm: Seductive flirtations mixed with equal parts gravitas could lead to some toe-curling adventures that don’t have to end when the sun comes up.

While things will be palpably hot, beneath the surface is where the true intensity lies. Like underground magma before a volcanic eruption, your emotions are churning, and these will either pull you closer or make you want to bolt.

We hate to be a buzzkill, but this is your heart we’re talking about. So before you take the catnip, be a smart kitty and evaluate the odds of this person being around to go on summer vacation with you.

The chemistry may be irresistible, but is a night (or weekend) of passion really worth months of agonizing over? On the flip side, this heated Mars-Saturn hookup can reel in the right partner, but only if you’re very discerning.

On Friday, that aforementioned Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter, perhaps sparking a second wave of Wednesday’s Sun-Jupiter hijinks. The only difference is that Mercury is your galactic guardian, and you might have a tougher time restraining yourself. Appoint a friend as “gatekeeper,” and let her know exactly what you wish to be “kept” from!

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