You claim you and your lover are destined for eternity. Your lover keeps you up at night with wild, wild, wild thoughts and you swear they’re the one. They have your mind and heart twisted inside out with curiosity and longing. You want everything with them, and it’s not infatuation, you know there’s some cosmic karmic link. Well, watch out, they could just be a Scorpio: notoriously skillful at holding hearts on puppet strings. When it comes to love, you have to be careful, as there are just some zodiac signs that aren’t compatible.

If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it, metaphorically and literally. Stop searching for love advice on Wikipedia and start using the stars. Ancient civilizations didn’t map out the heavens, as both our earliest astronomers and astrologers, just for fun.

The next time you meet someone you find fascinating, ask their zodiac sign and then pay close attention to their mannerisms. I’ve been practicing it for years, and I’ve found it to be almost too accurate in learning how to deal, and how not to deal, with certain people.

If you find you and your partner’s (or crush’s) zodiac signs on this list of couplings that probably won’t work out, it might just be easier to cut, run, and avoid unnecessary relationship hassle.

1. Virgo & Pisces: Star-Crossed Lovers, Or Maybe Not?

I’ve had too many encounters with these two signs together. They seem drawn to each other like magnets. Complete opposite on the zodiac wheel and in demeanor, Virgo is practical, perfectionist, and often critical, while Pisces is light-hearted, goes with the flow, and very sensitive.

At first, they may be utterly fascinated by each other because they each have what the other lacks. On a friendship basis, these two can be very compatible as they can learn a lot from each other. However, in a relationship, it spells for disaster because in the long-run, Virgo’s perfectionism will suffocate the dreamy Pisces, and Pisces’ tendency toward indecision will drive Virgo crazy.

2. Aries & Scorpio: Mutually-Assured Destruction

If there were one word to describe this couple it would be: dangerous. These two are the most intense signs of the zodiac. They’re the ones riding a motorcycle through the city streets at night wearing matching black leather.

They may bond at first over shared fiery sex-drive and their hot, passionate intensity; however, it will only lead to destruction on both ends. If these two don’t wear each other out emotionally and mentally, then they aren’t Aries and Scorpio.

Both Aries and Scorpio have dominant natures and their snapping back will only lead to exhaustion. Both are too powerful for each other.

3. Cancer & Gemini: The Mood Swingers

These two signs actually have a lot more in common than it would seem. They both tend to swing from mood to mood instantly, and will find a deep connection in this similarity.

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac and as Gemini is the child, the two have a form of communication that seems familiar and natural. Reserved Cancer is attracted to sociable Gemini’s ability to talk to anyone.

However, in the long run, these sign’s intrinsic values are too different, with inexhaustible Gemini’s energy and desire for stimulation, and homebody Cancer’s desire for peace and stability.

4. Leo & Taurus: A Battle Of Wills

Usually two signs having something in common would be a good thing in the love department, but not for Leo and Taurus. Both signs are strong-willed and have a desire to dominate, causing them to clash.

Generally, these two won’t even be attracted to each other in the first place, but if they do somehow find themselves in a relationship, it’s probably a love-hate affair.

This won’t last in the long run because Leo’s need to be in the spotlight will annoy humble Taurus, and Taurus’ appreciation of modesty won’t provide Leo with the glorious praise they bathe in.

5. Sagittarius & Capricorn: Opposites Attract, Until They Don’t

These two signs are teeming with differences. Sagittarius is positive and loves variety and change, while Capricorn tends to be more negative and structured.

Sure, opposites may attract at first, but these two are not a couple that will last for the long haul.

Capricorn’s reserved nature will stifle Sagittarius’ need to constantly explore new things. Sagittarius’ wanderlust soul and flightiness will make Capricorn sad as they crave conservative and responsible environments.

6. Aquarius & Scorpio: Chronic Dissatisfaction

These two signs share the similarities of being opinionated and independent. But truthful and just Aquarius will find Scorpio’s dark, sensual mystery to be too negative.

These two may gravitate together at first through intellectual conversation because they both enjoy a good deep talk. But Aquarius is humanitarian and wants freedom for all, while Scorpio prefers loving and caring for only a select few.

In the long run, Scorpio will feel unloved by Aquarius because the love is not possessive enough. Aquarius will feel trapped as Scorpio’s intense nature will consume Aquarius.

7. Libra & Cancer: No Conflict, No Passion

These two signs may be initially drawn to each other because they both seek balance, harmony, and peace. Libra has a carefree and sophisticated attitude that amuses shy Cancer.

In the long run, Cancer wants an emotional connection while Libra wants a mental connection. When sensitive Cancer wants a gentle touch or affection, Libra is more inclined to offer an analysis.

When Libra just wants someone to share intellectual ideas with, Cancer is moody and crying a puddle. Libra doesn’t understand this emotional behavior and will be constantly frustrated.

8. Pisces & Gemini: Two Peas, Different Pods

This is an interesting pair. Both Gemini and Pisces are symbolized by twos: the two fish and the twins. Both are rather light-hearted and playful by nature. But that is about all they have in common.

These two will have big trust issues. Venus is exalted in Pisces and they truly, deeply only want to be with the love of their life, whereas Gemini is more prone to flit between partners to remain mentally stimulated.

Gemini is also one of the most rational signs and Pisces one of the most emotional.

There’s Still Hope

Keep in mind the analysis above is entirely based on sun signs. Astrology is much more in-depth and nuanced than just the 12 signs of the zodiac. If you do a full birth chart analysis, you may be surprised to find that different aspects, planets, and even asteroid placements on your chart can influence your personality. /by Summer Schmier

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