With a Venus-Saturn square happening this morning, you may not be feeling cooperation from others. In fact, you could be feeling a little excluded or unappreciated just for now.

However, problems won’t be resolved by worry alone, so aim to focus on what needs to be done. Persistence and patience will be rewarded. Also today, Mercury and the Sun form an alignment in your sector of work and health.

This can bring clarity to a matter related to work and services, health, and habits. Much thought can be given to how to make improvements to any of these things now, and conversations or incoming news can lead the way to new beginnings.

Details are essential now and will serve you well. This is a generally reliable period for self-development and laying the groundwork for future success.

Every word you utter today seems to require extra effort. You might even be tempted to remain silent and save the communicating for another day.

However, taskmaster Saturn tests gracious Venus as she visits your 5th House of Love, and it’s not in your best interest to ignore this challenge.

Although you may feel as if you’re skating on thin ice at first, it becomes more solid as you start the conversational ball rolling. Face your internal struggles and watch the obstructions shatter as you speak your truth.

William Morris said, “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

The Moon is set to play a pivotal role over the coming days, making it important to get comfortable with trusting your gut. The Moon returns to your income sector today, in time to ensure your nose for money is sharp during Jupiter’s final days in your work sector.

Yet in just two days’ time will reunite, with the Moon returning to your communication sector during Jupiter’s early hours in your relationship sector.

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