Each zodiac sign demonstrates a unique approach to love. Some are more notorious for causing heartbreak while others are known to be the heartbroken. Some will devote themselves deeply and emotionally while others are carefree and tend to bounce around until they find someone to share their excitement.

In the end, it’s all about empathy. If you can learn to see from each sign’s individual perspective, you’ll get a better understanding of them — what they are and aren’t capable of.

No matter your sign’s unique approach to love, every human (and non-human, too) deserves love in some form or another. Here’s how to determine the love you deserve, for each one of your signs.

You like to be first in everything, and on top in bed. Ambitious daredevils, you aren’t afraid to shoot straight for a lover, and usually won’t take no for an answer. Sometimes you can be aggressive and play the role of “heroic savior” when it comes to you relationship.

You work hard to get what you want. Therefore, to get the love you deserve, find someone who isn’t afraid of your fiery nature and will elevate and interact with your cardinal desires.

Even though your sign is represented by the stubborn bull, you can be shy when it comes to romance. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (beauty and love).

I find people under the Taurus sign have the most genuine positive nature in the zodiac, and they deserve someone who knows how to value and match that positivity.

You deserve someone who is equally as gentle, stable, and caring. Use your calm demeanor to attract this person, and continue to open up to them even when it feels too awkward or painful.

As I mentioned before, Geminis can bounce around until they find lovers who complement their energetic and airy approach to life. They are the communicators of the zodiac and are known to be intellectually gifted and easily adaptable.

Geminis can fall in love deeply, but it’s hard because they’re ever-changing. They deserve someone who can keep them on their toes, doesn’t need consistency, and loves adventure.

They should ask their partners to understand the ups and downs and back and forths of their personalities, and find someone who enjoys the roller coaster.

Ah, the sign that I call my own. We Cancers are endless abysses of emotion and imagination. As the mother of the zodiac, we have an intrinsic desire to nurture and bring happiness to others. Often, this desire to please makes us vulnerable and easy to wound.

We deserve someone who knows how to calmly deal with our mood swings, and can offer a stable touch to our sensitive world. Use your innocent charm to attract this person, and make sure you’re not only giving, but taking too.

Bold and enthusiastic, the lions usually don’t have trouble asking for the love they deserve. Leos rule the heart. They are natural born leaders and fiercely loyal to their loved ones.

However, because they are prideful and confident, Leos can fall victim to manipulators. They live for flattery, so anybody who is conniving, but charming can screw them over.

Leo, stay away from anyone who doesn’t genuinely compliment or complement you. You will find the love you deserve in a loyal lover who adores you and puts you in the spotlight where you belong.

Organized, practical Virgos value purity and simplicity in love. They can appear cold, but this is usually due to their shy, perfectionist nature.

Deep down, they are kind and warm. They don’t express feelings very readily and, therefore, lovers can be unsure of their intentions.

Virgos will find the love they deserve in someone who knows how to cater to their very specific needs and is loyal enough to stay and draw out the inner light that they keep hidden so well.

A great word to summarize Libra is “harmony.” They are represented by the scales and apply an everlasting search for balance to their life. They are peacemakers and in love with love.

They’re known to fall in love easily and could benefit from being more practical, as they are romantics.

Libras deserve someone who can offer them variety and adventure while simultaneously accepting their need to maintain harmony and balance.

Let’s just say that Scorpio doesn’t know the meaning of apathy. In everything they do, from s3x and love to friendships, they are passionate. Scorpios are intense, mysterious, sensual, and jealous.

When in love, they are known to transform their lovers, leading them into depths that are deliciously dark, like something out of Twilight.

Scorpios deserve someone who is calm enough to handle their extremities, assures them in times of jealousy, and is good in bed.

This sign is known for being restless, independent, and adventurous. They are social and good at maintaining friendships. In the relationship realm, however, it can be quite difficult to woo a Sagittarius.

Because they are so open to new experiences and want to live their lives to the fullest, it’s hard for them to settle down.

This sign deserves someone who is outgoing and can satisfy their wanderlust, someone who can take them to new places and match their positivity and joy.

This sign loves structure and order and tends to be rather serious. Capricorns are down to earth and coast along to the beat of their own drum. In love, Capricorns are stubborn and have a tendency to never give up on someone even after they’ve gone.

They have high standards and sometimes try to influence their significant other to fit the image of their ideal partner.

Capricorns deserve someone who’s serious about their feelings, flexible to their needs, and naturally happy to add the sunlight that this sign needs in their life.

This sign is independent, humanitarian, and strong. Like Capricorns, people born under the Aquarius sign have high expectations for the people in their life.

They want to find people similar to them, which means people who have deep integrity, are intellectual and honest.

In love, they also have high standards, and it takes this sign a while to open up to a lover. An Aquarius deserves someone who is perceptive to these high standards and works hard to impress them.

Pisceans, as the last sign of the zodiac, often contain a little bit of every sign within them. They possess a duality in that they are compassionate and understanding toward others, but keep their true feelings deep inside.

Pisces are eternally creative and sweet by nature. They are vulnerable with their hearts, yet the wisest sign of the zodiac, and they are skilled at adapting to any environment.

The Pisces deserves someone who knows how to surface their inner world, bring their dreams to reality, and share an equally compassionate outlook on life. Use your talent for escapism to attract this person who will want to bring you down to earth.

VIASummer Schmier
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