While it’s an individual’s decision whether he should cheat on his girlfriend or not, the stars play their role in influencing the signs too.

Here’s a list, ranking zodiac signs from most trustworthy to the least ones to help you identify who is more likely to cheat on you. Have a look.

A crab is a family man. Once you have found a Cancer, be rest assured that he will remain faithful to you for eternity. The Cancer always thinks about a long-term relationship which should end in a happily-ever-after.

He will love you to infinity and he will never do things to make you feel insecure about him. When the time comes, he will propose you for marriage and you will end up having babies together and live a beautiful life. Are you already in a relationship with a Cancer? Stay blessed then.

The lion always seeks to be the center of attention which makes them stay single for quite a long time.

But the lion loves the warmth of his own cave too and all he craves is to get the attention from his better-half. The Leo wants to live a pompous marital life with a big family.

If a Capricorn expresses his love for you, then you should know that you are very special. The reason is, Capricorn loves to stay alone and when he finally chooses a partner, it means he is looking for a serious relationship.

The Capricorn is honest and will never hide things from you. Even if for some reason he feels he needs to break away and be with another woman, he will tell it to you no matter how hard it sounds.

The Aquarius is the laziest one of the lot. It’s really a big deal for them to take the trouble of dating two women and keeping them in dark about it. Hiding phone numbers, text messages, pictures, lying about dates need a lot of hard work and they have other things in life to focus on.

Maintaining a relationship with you is enough for him already. Dating two or more women is not really his cup of tea. So, forget about cheating!

The Taurus will not have cheating issues when it comes to himself but is likely to doubt you even when you are absolutely clean.

He is insecure and clings to you all the time. So, make sure you don’t make him feel jealous of some other man in your life because that will create problems in your relationship.

You either keep a Virgo happy and satisfied or prepare yourself to get cheated. The Virgo himself hates cheaters but if he doesn’t get the positive feeling in the relationship, he will feel that he deserves better and look for other options.

Keep the sparks ignited even if you have been in a relationship with your Aries for quite a long time now. Aries tends to get bored easily. So, you need to keep the romance alive, always introduce new ways to make love, give him surprises and he will remain faithful to you.

Else, he will get his mind diverted and eventually leave you either cheating on you or breaking up with you.

The Libra always needs to prove that he’s the best. If he cheats on you, it’s because he wants to remove his insecurities about himself and feel that even after commitment, he’s desired by all other women and can get any woman he wants. So, be a little cautious when you are dating one.

The bold, passionate Scorpio is always willing to explore the ocean. He is adventurous and lives his life off the edge. It’s hard for him to control himself until he has found the one he truly loves and wants to hold on to.

So, if you are the Scorpio’s one true love, he will probably never leave you and retain his morality.

The fish enjoys swimming around, meeting new people. The intuitive Pisces connects to others very easily and a good exchange of words might lead to flirting which remains in the emotional sphere in the beginning.

However, there are chances that he will become more serious if things are not working well with his partner.

The commitment-phobic Sagittarius enjoys all kinds of relationships, be it one-night-stand or friends-with-benefits. It’s very hard for him to get committed.

So, if he does that, don’t worry, he will not cheat on you. But make sure you two are on the same page regarding the status of your relationship.

The twins have their ways and get along with their cheating for quite a long time. The Gemini knows exactly how to deal with you because he is extremely intelligent.

However, he will know his limits and if he really loves you and doesn’t want to lose you, he would not take the risks of cheating on you. Good luck!

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