Your ruler, Venus, changes signs today, dear Taurus, and enters your work and health sector where it will stay until November 7th. This influence encourages more pleasure and harmony in your daily life, including your work or daily routines and health pursuits.

There is more enjoyment of these things, and you’re taking pleasure in producing and servicing. There can be pleasant contacts made through your work now. In love relationships, it’s about making the connection work on a day to day level and showing your affection for others through helpful gestures.

While this is a strong day for thinking outside the box and finding exciting and new ways to approach problems, there can be a tendency for mental disconnects to occur with people around you, especially co-workers or those with whom you share your daily routines.

There is a surprise element to the day, such as a chance meeting that gets your mind working overtime. New ideas and discoveries can be made on a private and emotional level.

Your approach to the finer things in life is pretty simple; you let your senses be the judge of what you like and what you don’t. Although you can be quite decisive when evaluating a person or an experience, it becomes harder to reach a conclusion after your key planet Venus soars into ambivalent Libra.

Your uncertainty may be confusing to others, but you need to follow your own inner guidance now, postponing your final decision until you weigh all the pros and cons. Don’t let anyone rush you; honor your methodical process, even if it seems to have a mind of its own.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

A day after Venus, planet of love left your romantic and creative sector, now Mars is getting ready to leave. The problem is that once Mars is gone that’s it, there is no planetary support for all things fun, playful, romantic and creative.

Not only that, despite the fact that Jupiter left your work sector early in the week, life will only get busier and even more work focused. Mars lives for the thrill of battle and today he’s declaring war on a life that is all work and no play.

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