Chiron has just begun its five-month retrograde cycle, dear Cancer, and any doubts or insecurities about your current life path, performance, leadership skills, or career can magnify with the shift.

However, experiences now can prompt a desire to examine why you may have been overcompensating, procrastinating, or worrying in these areas of life.

In fact, in the months ahead, you’re likely to see a connection along these lines more clearly. It’s a great cycle in which to work with various healing techniques and to get in better touch with actual needs and goals.

Today’s energies are incredible for enjoying the finer things in life, and your intuition is powerful for business ideas in particular. Plans devised now may be exceptionally clever.

Ironically, an uncomfortable workplace situation might actually propel you forward. In the bigger picture, tension can be the perfect catalyst for growth.

Connect with integrity in all of your interactions, whether it’s in a one-on-one partnership or a group collaboration.

Take pride and hold yourself accountable for the many valuable roles you play. Hopefully, choosing to travel the high road inspires others to do the same.

Having the Moon move through your career sector during Chiron’s early days in retrograde motion here is a real advantage, especially as Venus is also in her final days in your income sector.

Yet on both fronts this is still early days and with a lot still evolving, this is more a chance to get your bearings. It helps that the Moon is fuelling your professional instincts and imagination in a way that now comes with 20/20 hindsight.

Today’s Quote: “Don’t let the past hold you back, otherwise you’ll miss all the good stuff happening now.”

Lucky Numbers: 4, 19, 31, 36, 43, 49

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

Creativity: Good

Love: Excellent

Business: Excellent

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