You can benefit from paying special attention to career, money, and other practical activities today, dear Cancer.

The Moon moves into your observant solar eighth house, and you’re inclined to use a “wait and see” approach to your life right now. As well, you can come to a new perspective on an old problem with Mercury in your career sector connecting well with Ceres and Pallas.

Your insight into your goals and career or business matters is enhanced now, and communication skills are good despite Mercury’s retrograde.

There can be excitement found in new ideas and methods that involve designing or, more likely, redesigning a system, and conversations can lead to fun discoveries.

The cosmos blesses you with a rare opportunity to explore the deep feelings shared by you and someone special.

What makes this moment so unique is that you can confidently move into emotionally vulnerable spaces without worrying about the outcome.

Thankfully, your current ability to remain detached enables you to reveal parts of your own psyche you might otherwise keep private.

Just remember that taking a relationship to the next level is not limited to romantic interactions.

All interpersonal activity holds great promise if you’re willing to open your heart.

As the Sun moves into his final 10 days in your career sector you’re not only looking to the future, but there is a sense that everything you have been working towards over the last decade is coming together.

Yet if it feels there is still something holding you back, you can’t so much blame but thank Mercury.

In his final days in retrograde motion there, Mercury is urging you to continue to work behind the scenes. The lights will turn green on a New Moon early next week.

Lucky Numbers: 11, 12, 23, 31, 40, 43

Daily Compatibility: Scorpio

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Excellent

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