The Sun is now transiting your solar twelfth house until June 21st, dear Cancer, and it’s a yearly, month-long cycle that is especially suitable for reflection, rest, and recollection.

You are gathering your strength for busier times to come, but also reflecting upon recent events and shedding attitudes and situations that have run their natural course.

As the final month of the solar cycle, the weeks ahead are excellent for wrapping things up. Extra rest will help balance things out. Use this time well to avoid overload!

Keep in mind that, generally speaking, it’s not the best time to push yourself or your plans. It may be that you’re putting some things behind you if they no longer work in your favor.

This can also be a period for connecting with your more spiritual side. You require more alone time and periods devoted to reflection on the activities and developments of the last year, and with Mars’ concurrent transit of your solar eighth house, you’ll learn much through observation.

You don’t want to go into hiding now to be alone; instead, you wish you could make your escape with someone special.

Unfortunately, it won’t be that simple to slip away unnoticed while the loquacious Gemini Sun and the dramatic Leo Moon push your dreams out into the open.

Sharing your fantasies with a co-conspirator may be enough to create a secret bubble where you can continue to plan your retreat. Something worthwhile is worth waiting for.

The timing of the Moon’s return to your communication sector today couldn’t be better. Venus has returned to Cancer over the weekend, to find Saturn in your relationship sector for the first time in three decades.

Venus is the planet of love and guardian of your relationships, so she is the perfect planet to help you navigate through what will be a balancing act between your personal and relationship needs. It helps that the Moon can help get the communication lines open.

Today’s Quote: “Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 5, 10, 19, 30, 38, 45

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

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