The Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Cancer, and emotions are clearer and possibly more insistent than usual.

You may feel somewhat at odds with a partner or with your own desires and ambitions at times now with the strength of your feelings.

Today is a little challenging for decision-making. You may feel not yet equipped to draw a conclusion. Relationships can feel a little out of sync but may only require some adjustments of expectations of one another or the relationship as a unit.

Your long-term goals and connections seem to be competing for your attention, and it can be challenging to find a compromise. Watch for sudden desires that are more likely to be whims than true yearnings.

Surprise elements may keep you on your toes, and depending on your mood, can lead to creative detours or can be most annoying. Either way, a small change of pace may be in order.

Your desires might be in direct opposition to the objectives of a significant person in your life today.

It will take some careful back-and-forth communication to successfully solve this conundrum, but it can be done if both parties are fully onboard.

Like the symbol for yin and yang, there is a trace of each polarity within opposites. Finding those points of similarity can be a terrific first step in negotiating a compromise. Set the search in motion simply by asking others what they want.

Having the Moon in Cancer during the Sun’s final hours in your relationship sector brings you close to a repetition of last month’s Full Moon.

The Sun will leave before that can happen, but the Moon will still clash with other relationship forces, creating the potential for some personal and/or relationship tension.

Yet with Mercury, the planet of communication in his last full day in your relationship sector, he is on board to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.

Today’s Quote: “The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.”

Lucky Numbers: 3, 8, 21, 30, 35, 49

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

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