A positive cycle for sharing your ideas, learning new things, and building your knowledge begins today, dear Cancer.

Until April 17th, you’re especially inclined to think about your life in terms of the longer view, and this can help soothe your nerves, although you could get worked up over differences of opinion from time to time during this cycle.

There might also be an inclination to forget, overlook, or ignore some of the details of daily life or routines. While it’s an excellent transit for letting go of small problems and enjoying a broader, more optimistic perspective, today’s energies can challenge this outlook temporarily.

Others may be withholding or critical, but it’s best not to take these things too seriously. Constructive criticism is one thing, and today’s particularness quite another, so aim to pay it little or no mind.

You may be seeing the flaws of a situation first before its benefits, and if you don’t dwell, then this can help you fix problems.

An interesting new character may enter the scene today. It can be an actual person from a faraway place, or an intriguing figure in a novel you cannot put down.

You immerse yourself in a whole other world, imagining what it might be like to be from somewhere else. Of course, your home and your tribe are extremely important to you.

It’s unlikely that you want to trade in your life for a different one, but entertaining possibilities enlarges your capacity for love. Your heart grows stronger with use.

At a time when forces on the job front have already settled back into a more manageable pace and career forces are just days away from doing the same, life is no longer prepared to wait.

There is a new sense of adventure in the air today, while social and serendipitous lunar vibes tap into something developing there as well.

This won’t be at the expense of your professional game, as they can no longer have a stranglehold on your life. This is a good day for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building.

Today’s Quote: “Someone once asked me how I hold my head up so high after all I’ve been through. I said, it’s because no matter what, I am a survivor, not a victim.”

Lucky Numbers: 4, 10, 21, 24, 27, 34

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Good

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