You might thoroughly enjoy nurturing a creative vision, desire to learn, or new experience, dear Cancer.

The Moon moves into your adventure and spirit sector, inspiring you to break out of the routine.

Easy energy is with you for connecting today, as well as for appreciation of people in your life. Loving or romantic feelings are elevated and possibly become a driving force now, and there is more cooperation from others.

You are radiating a nice amount of confidence, and this can be a day when you’re seeking some extra emotional stimulation.

You want to have a strong sense that you’re growing, learning, and improving. Your houses of life and spirit are emphasized and harmonizing, and this infuses you with spirit and creativity.

Enthusiasm can be about an idea, feeling, or person, and whatever it is that motivates you, it feels good to be so inspired.

Taking care of those you love nearly always comes effortlessly to you. At times, this emotional proficiency might teeter on the edge of unintentional codependency.

Thankfully, you can see the advantage of advising others to do their own thing once the Moon slips into your 9th House of Adventure.

You are most effective now when you balance your tendency to keep someone close with your newfound need to give them freedom.

Your ability to compassionately hold space for another while simultaneously encouraging them to fly is therapeutic for you and the person receiving the gift of your support.

A week on from a New Moon in your work sector and 12 days after retrograding out, Mercury is back and it is now time to get serious about work and job matters.

Yet while this is normally the point where it is time to bring this professional year home, all the indications suggest this is just a stepping stone.

If you knew how busy things were set to become in the New Year or that you would need to keep your work hat on for the whole of 2019, you would pay more attention to a call for balance.

Today’s Quote: “No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, you can still turn around.”

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 27, 37, 44, 47

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

Creativity: Good

Love: Excellent

Business: Good

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