The day holds much potential for connecting on a romantic level, dear Cancer, but also for a confidence boost, in general. Cooperation is key right now, but some playful competitiveness works as well.

You are exceptionally gracious, fun, and willing to put yourself out there, and your natural charm is especially endearing. There is the perfect combination of confidence and warmth that ensures social and creative success now. There is also a spontaneous and slightly daring energy to the day.

You may be craving more activities in which you can create, compete, or play, and this desire for action becomes you rather than leaves you feeling restless. You could be excited about taking the lead with or making changes to a relationship, romance, recreational activity, or hobby, or you might experience a new desire to move forward in these areas.

You want to come out ahead, and perhaps stand out for what you do or for being a fabulous friend or partner. A relationship may serve as a powerful motivator for you to better yourself or do your best. This is a time for finding ways to add a little spice to a relationship or project.

You are a magnet for powerfully intense interactions today. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the other person is a lover or just a casual acquaintance; either way, a slight difference of opinion could quickly morph into a major conflict.

However, an argument requires two people, giving you the power to end a disagreement by simply walking away. At other times, you might end up with someone pursuing you in an adversarial fashion, but now your “no” is actually taken to mean no. Silence speaks volumes.

While there is a need to have your work and professional hats on today, there is a hush that makes this more about paying attention. For as Mercury spends his last full day in your work sector, Eris is turning direct in your career sector.

This is the turning point that will see all your professional focus shift to the future, but it is later in the month that everything will come together. In the meantime a balance between work and play is being policed.

Lucky Numbers: 6, 11, 12, 14, 22, 38

Daily Compatibility: Scorpio

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Excellent

Business: Good

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