You may not be getting what you need from a love connection, and this inequity is starting to weigh on you today. Frustration mounts in your romantic world, especially if you’re eager to set the record straight with someone you’re having a challenging time with at this moment.

You’re going to feel the inclination to punch your way out of a problem, but it would be wiser to speak softly and carry a big stick, metaphorically speaking. A nuanced, gentle approach is the one that will yield positive results right now. Kindness plus truth equals understanding.

It can be easy to see the proverbial glass as half empty in your emotional world or within one special connection at this time.

Perhaps, for as long as you focus on pitfalls or less than ideal aspects of your love life or a close relationship, you feel you’re being realistic or can maintain control of your love life circumstances.

You could prefer to ‘better a certain devil you know’ rather than stride confidently into new and potentially unexplored romantic or relationship territory, but that attitude looks set to change shortly.

Soon you will feel that you really are warm-blooded after all, and can suffer the pangs of passion as much as most of us humans do and you will be back to normal again. Be careful with little-known people.

The astral alignment puts you in a very optimistic and slightly surreal mood. Now is not the time for important decisions, show calmness and patience. Your mistakes may completely change your main objectives for the period, but that will be in your favor.

You can completely abandon yourself to the plans and goals that you have decided to work on, or you can start to pull it all apart through worrying and over-analyzing the details.

If you are preparing to travel, protect yourself from thieves and unfair people who want to get you involved in a joint venture. Evaluate and discuss your new ideas. Greed harms you.

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