While you’re rarely at a loss for creative ideas, you still require a measure of certainty in all that you do. But early this week, don’t cleave to what is familiar and “safe” at the expense of your own growth.

On Tuesday, April 2, mentally agile Mercury shares a dream beam with spiritual Neptune. This should open your mind to all kinds of imaginative ideas, some that feel divinely inspired. And with both planets in Pisces and your global ninth house, you could draw inspiration and wisdom from all around the world.

Research and explore, being mindful of the difference between learning from cultures (celebrating them and giving credit where credit is due) versus appropriating from them (borrowing traditions without noting where they came from).

Your virtual journey might just spark some vacation planning as you uncover a part of the world that you’d love to visit. You might even connect to a new virtual friend via Instagram.

Cancers who are working on media projects should carve out free time near Tuesday to develop your ideas. You could bang out a chapter of your novel or write the score for a new song, losing track of the hours as you court the muse. One thing this transit is NOT ideal for is trying to ad-lib your way through a heart to heart.

With Neptune fogging up your best thinking, your words could come out as confusing or vague, pulling you and the other party down a dramatic rabbit hole.

If you have questions or doubts, write them down in your journal and get some feedback from a neutral third party. What’s bothering you could be rooted in old fears—at least partially—and you want to clarify that for yourself before you open up a can of worms.

Have your power suit pressed and ready for Friday when the annual new moon in Aries launches your career goals into orbit. This is one of 2019’s bright spots for your professional ambitions.

Since it’s a new moon, you’re more likely to be initiating the first stages of development as opposed to debuting a final product.

Take time to clarify your goals for the next half year: Where would you like to see yourself by the corresponding FULL moon on October 13? Love where you work but not thrilled about the tasks? Set up a meeting with HR to talk about growth opportunities.

With the moon’s north node (the cosmic destiny point) touring Cancer for all of 2019, this is THE year to bring your passion to the front burner. You may be pleased by the results you get as you dialogue with colleagues or upper management about your wish to do something that’s more in alignment with your heart’s desire.

And if that means finding a new gig, this lunation could be your prompt to start hunting for more gainful opportunity—or expanding your skill set so that you shift into a new role over the coming six months.

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