Oysters and rose on a hotel rooftop, a picture-perfect gift for your BFF’s bridal shower, admission to the VIP section of that music festival…

It seems like the summer keeps serving up legitimate reasons to spend every penny you have. But with Mercury retrograde in your finance house since July 26, your budget may have veered further off the rails than you intended. The good news is, there are only six more days (set that countdown clock, Cancer…) until Mercury corrects course.

But don’t wait until then to balance your books. Those retail therapy splurges could be cutting into funds that might be needed for more practical purchases. Even if you are flush with cash at the moment, who says you have to burn through it all?

Make an entertainment fund and come up with a savvy plan for tucking more away. Your investment accounts are always hungry for an extra “snack”—and will pay you back with compounding interest.

Mercury’s backspin may also be dredging up some uncomfortable dynamics with coworkers. Getting your team on a conference call has been as easy as herding cats, and you’re exhausted just hearing about everyone’s complicated vacation schedules.

You and a colleague might be locked in a terse misunderstanding that’s left you both with sore feelings. Before this devolves any further, take a time out. You’d be better off devoting this week to playing catch-up on your solo tasks.

Are there presentation decks you need to design? Paperwork you need to review? The solitary work days will be a hidden blessing since you’ll only have yourself to answer to. Since retrogrades energize the past, you might reconnect with a former coworker. Scan LinkedIn to see who’s up to interesting things. Catching up over coffee could open up a portal to new opportunity!

On Sunday, you may get swept off on a fantastic (and possibly romantic) voyage! For the third and final time since December 2, 2017, the zodiac’s dreamy nomads, Jupiter and Neptune, align in a free-flowing trine (120-degree angle).

Suddenly, home is the last place you’ll want to be. Follow that uncharacteristic urge and find your bliss. Stuff a few bathing suits and sundresses into a carry-on and go visit your friend in another city, the one who’s been begging you to come hang out at her pool.

Some Cancers could take a short journey in the name of love, driving (or flying) to have a face to face with that sultry someone you’ve been seeing—or just chatting with till the wee hours online.

No matter where your flatform sandals are planted, this boundary-blurring transit can make you uncharacteristically assertive. Is that you, Cancer, copping to a crush, unprompted—or pursuing an attraction like a sexy panther on the prowl? Sure looks like it.

And even if you KNOW it’s only an ephemeral summer fling, the attention could be too alluring to resist this weekend. Already spoken for? Plan a sweet escape with your S.O. and take advantage of the dwindling beach days of 2018. Can’t get away? Hit an art opening or pick up a pair of concert tickets to transport yourselves through the arts (Neptune’s domain).

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