Sometimes, Cancer, the line between love and “hate” is so thin that you accidentally cross it without realizing it! Ever since passionate Mars turned retrograde on June 26 and backpedaled from Aquarius to Capricorn on August 12—aka your relationship houses—you may have been playing the “love them/love them not” game.

Your S.O., your creative partner, a potential business associate: wonderful people, yes, but also capable of working your nerves like few others can. If you gave yourself vertigo riding that emotional rollercoaster, here’s some news that’s sure to put a smile on your face. This Monday, August 27, the red planet officially makes a U-turn and zips full steam ahead in Capricorn until September 10.

Your sensitive sign hates drama, and while the past eight weeks have brought their share of that, hopefully you’ve also learned a few important lessons. Starting this Monday, it gets easier to set healthy boundaries, stand up for yourself and walk away if a relationship is dragging you down. With Mars powering forward, people (including you) will be more open to compromise. Let us not forget that this IS lusty Mars in your partnership zone, so the determining factor may not be talk.

If your mojo downshifted into slow-mo and you want to get back up to cruising speed (obviously), make thrice-weekly workouts and eight hours of sleep non-negotiable habits. Trade the boring cotton unmentionables for some appropriately sexy lingerie. Whether single or spoken for, you’ll be very much in demand!

Partnerships of all manner will get a high-octane boost from the red planet’s pivot. If you have designs on being half of a profitable dynamic duo this fall, start working on those pitch decks and drafting all documents and contracts.

That way, you’ll be ready to get talks underway when people are back to their desks after Labor Day. If an existing collaboration hit a lull this summer—but there is still fuel left in the tank—Mars’ about-face will turn the key in that ignition.

Set up a time, ideally before September 10, where you can sit down to make sure your objectives still align; and if they do, to map out your goals for the rest of 2018!

This weekend, invite a little “woo” into your world. The quarter moon in Gemini shines its balancing beams into your esoteric twelfth house reminding you that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

As a Cancer, you are often driven by gut feelings, intuition, and even the occasional tsunami of feels. But in a world that puts a higher premium on rational thought than emotional intelligence, you might make the mistake of dismissing these very real cues and clues.

Switch it up! This weekend, let your heart have an equal say in all matters—and make this a practice, not just a one-day thing. While feelings are not the same as facts, they are a valuable compass, and can at least alert you to the need to do further investigation before making an important decision.

Working with a spiritual guide, therapist, shaman or holistic healer can also be great support for making sense of all that swirl. And thanks to this lunation beaming into this sacrosanct sector of your chart, you can distill which dreams are worth pursuing over the coming few months and which might be worth putting on hold for a minute.

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