No more hitting the snooze button, Taurus. On Monday, August 27, motivator Mars rouses from an eight-week nap and powers forward through Capricorn and your ninth house of travel and adventure.

You’ll be playing Marco Polo in real time, as the red planet reclaims the helm and steers you toward exciting new terrain between now and September 10.

Pull out your wheelie suitcase, and maybe even your passport. You’ve got distant vistas on your brain, and the cosmic red dynamo will act like a gale-force tailwind, propelling you on a fantastic voyage. Of course, not everyone can jet off on a moment’s notice.

You can have great adventures closer to home base: from hometown fall festivals, to hiking adventures in your own state to yoga retreats within driving distance. You can also expand your worldly knowledge—and social network—by enrolling in a fall semester class or self-development workshop.

No matter where you’re dropping pins, multicultural mingling could cause sparks to fly. Make a point of getting to know people from different backgrounds who live nearby or are just passing through.

This could lead to a friendship or possibly more. But be sensitive. With brash Mars in the picture, trying to break the ice with sarcasm that doesn’t translate may have the opposite of your intended effect.

Even with your own circle, be careful when you wield your truth hammer. While you’d rather keep it real than hold in your honest feelings, there’s no excuse for pounding people with a tactless rant. Stand up for your beliefs and values, but respect other people’s opinions.

As you roll into the weekend, money management may be on your mind. And thanks to Sunday’s quarter moon in Gemini and your fiscally savvy second house, you’ll get the nudge you need to either loosen up that sash belt and enjoy the good things in life…or give it a cinch so you can refill the coffers after all those summer splurges.

Either way, moderation is key. If you need to go on a short-term austerity plan, make sure you’re still treating yourself within budget. This might be the time to hit up friends with insider jobs for the comp tickets or that employee discount they keep offering to share with you.

Or, finance creatively: Would your gym or yoga studio let you trade some desk hours for your monthly membership?

Could you barter one of your superpowers for a haircut or graphic design services?

For Tauruses who have been diligently saving, this is your cue to treat yourself to something a little more luxurious than practical. You work hard for your money, and enjoying it responsibly will keep you motivated to hustle on!

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