A dose of humility will serve your love life well today, especially if drama has been building in your current romantic relationship lately.

The snag may come down to an emotional power struggle with the one you love, where you believe they’re being stubborn about something, and they believe the same about you.

But digging your heels in can create even more strife at this moment. See how much cooperation and flexibility you can muster as you continue to manage tricky matters of the heart, because it’s in your best interest to put this situation to rest right now.

Your signature dislike of change could be the cause of complications in your emotional world or a love partnership at this time.

Something is undoubtedly shifting in your mind and heart, perhaps involving a very new attitude toward love, romance, and intimacy.

However, it’s important that you accept the change unfolding now as clear and tangible progression, whether you’re single or attached. A new attitude toward affairs of the heart emerging within you deserves to be appreciated and embraced, not treated suspiciously.

The Moon remains in Pisces and in your 11th house today, however it is also trining Jupiter in your 7th house of partnership.

This planetary configuration is emphasizing the importance of experiencing reciprocity in your intimate partnerships in order to feel that there is a strong aspect of friendship present within them.

Today would be a great time to make sure that you have a balance between taking care of your needs while also not neglecting those of your partner.

Is it easy for you to bring your attention and focus onto another person than yourself? This would be a good question to reflect on today.

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