Make it rain, Cancer! You’ll acquire the Midas touch this Monday, January 21, courtesy of an electrifying Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse in your second house of finances. This is the final eclipse in a two-year series that began on February 10, 2017, and activated the Leo-Aquarius axis.

As such, it will draw your attention to your bottom line and inspire you to earn—and save!–more. As a goal-oriented cardinal sign, you’re motivated by the concrete.

Over the next two “manifesting” weeks, put the word out about whatever you’re looking for, whether a new job or a sideline gig. If you’re happy at your current position, talk to a supervisor who respects your work to see what opportunities might be available now or could be opening up soon.

Don’t be shy about recounting your accomplishments of the past six months. If you’ve been a good little squirrel and have hoarded enough acorns, this could be the perfect time to reward yourself.

What’s on your bucket list: a big trip, new bike, furniture upgrade? Your home is your castle, Crab, and when you’re happy in your sanctuary, you’re more centered, joyful and creative.

Also on Monday, driven Mars in your career corner is squaring off with cautious Saturn in your partnership house. Someone close to you may feel threatened by your success or like they’re not getting enough attention from you. Before you react, think about what they’re saying. Honor their feelings—but also your own!

Tuesday’s headline news is almost stop-the-press-worthy! The planetary “benefics,” values-oriented Venus and expansive Jupiter, form their annual merger, this year in Sagittarius and your sixth house of hard work, service and healing—which includes self-care.

These planetary powerhouses only convene in this sector every 12 years, so you have a stellar opportunity to make changes or adjustments to anything that’s not as helpful as it could be.

Start here: Are the people in your life supporting you or bringing you down? You don’t have to clean house with all your personal connections, but you should be more discerning about who you grant inner-circle status to.

Your compassionate sign sometimes struggles to erect firm boundaries with people you care about, but have a look at who’s got your back and who’s just a walking crisis center. Cleaning your actual house isn’t a bad idea if there’s so much clutter you can never find what you’re looking for.

Set aside time this week to tackle one or two major messes. That act alone can spark larger initiatives. While you’re taking care of Numero Uno, get some massages or healing sessions on the books.

Not only have you earned this, but it’s a great stress-buster, which is the most important preventative medicine out there!

You might glimpse tangible results of self-supportive initiatives by the week’s end. On Friday, optimistic Jupiter fist-bumps motivational Mars in your career corner, and you might see firsthand how health can equal wealth!

For one thing, if you can tame the stress monster, you’ll be more creative and productive. And by making a smart diet and regular exercise higher priorities, you’ll have more sustained energy throughout the day.

Caffeine and sugar can give you power surges, but they’re short-lived—AND you’ll crash when their temporary effects wear off, keeping you in that “wired and tired” state. Small, doable changes will carry you to the finish line!

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