Ready for a soulful sojourn? On Monday, June 18 nomadic, numinous Neptune plunges into its annual five-month retrograde in Pisces and your ninth house of travel, study and personal growth.

With the heady planet on retreat, packing your bags isn’t actually necessary, nor is boarding a plane. The voyage might just take place in your own subconscious. Maybe it will be a shamanic journey to unpack the meaning of your dreams or explore the connection to the spirit realm. (Check out the work of Dolores Cannon, or Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls,” if this sparks intrigue.)

Or re-read your weathered copy of The Celestine Prophecy and get obsessed with Carlos Castaneda, then, book a flight to Peru. If your tender underbelly’s taken a hit, use this five-month cycle to swaddle yourself in deep healing.

With back-spinning Neptune heightening your awareness, you’ll definitely evolve to a different “place” by November 24—and even carry a much lighter pack of emotional baggage if you don’t ditch it altogether.

Yours is a family- and commitment-oriented sign, Crab, but during this backspin, you’ll feel a greater urge for independent adventures. Starting this week, you can spread your wings and test the air currents.

The ninth house is all about doing things for yourself—something Cancers simultaneously desire and panic over. Take baby steps if you must, but promise yourself that, before November, you’ll invest in your dreams.

How about signing up for a writer’s retreat, taking a foreign language immersive (in France!) or starting a supper-and-book club to bring together the cultural curators you know and love?

And don’t confuse independence with spending all your time alone. It’s just that your social agreements will be a lot more…relaxed. Wednesday’s quarter moon in Virgo could illuminate common interests with people who you already know.

Open up about your passion for intersectional feminist literature or large-scale macrame crafting. A coworker or casual Facebook friend might step forward as a summer hanging buddy with BFF potential!

Order that cake for Thursday, Cancer! Not only will you be celebrating the longest day of light, but your birthday season begins with bright fanfare as the Sun sweeps into your sign until July 22.

If you’ve been dwelling on drama, you’ll be eager to shake it off—and that might mean cutting bait from activities (and people) who bring you down.

Just try not to be TOO abrupt, especially if you have friends in common or might need to work together in the future. In some cases, a heartfelt conversation can turn the tide—or better boundaries that YOU decide on—internally. Just make it a priority to tend to your own bliss bubble.

While certain “dependents” will grumble, they will all benefit in the end. Four weeks from now you’ll be a shining example of self-care that people can’t help but admire.

Pick up the ball on your passion projects—the ones you shelved to help other people realize their dreams. Sign up for the personal growth workshop, hit a music festival, winery or spa weekend.

A little more autonomy won’t hurt your relationships, either, between now and July 22—or your odds of finding love. As you expand and develop your authentic self-expression, you’ll be all the more radiant. This is the secret to magnetizing people who appreciate the TRUE you—or stoking the embers with a slumbering S.O.! /by TheAstroTwins

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