Ride-or-die homegirl or just an Uber-Pool pal who hops in temporarily along the route of life? They say friends are in your life for “a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

But figuring out who deserves forever status could be a head-scratcher starting Monday, June 18 when nebulous Neptune turns retrograde in your eleventh house of community. You’re as loyal as a Kardashian sister, Bull, but not everyone is deserving of that unwavering devotion.

This five-month backspin will serve up one opportunity after another to scrutinize the squad and make any necessary cuts. If a weak link in the chain is slowing everyone else down—or a Mansplaining Matt is bringing down morale—something’s gotta give.

If you’ve already issued a few warnings about questionable behavior, well…time’s up, sweetie.

In some cases, it might be enough to just put people in proper categories. You can still be “friendly acquaintances” with the flaky types or appreciate the pure genius of someone with egregiously bad manners.

BUT…you don’t have to subject a group mission to their disruptive influence. Looking to refresh your tribe? Because both Neptune AND the eleventh house are connected to humanitarian initiatives, get involved in a volunteer mission, help organize a political gathering or participate in a spiritual ceremony.

The eleventh house also governs tech, and Neptune retrograde can cause some “low bar” reception—literally and metaphorically—between now and November 24. Do not waste time engaging with trolls or getting swayed by the thirst traps of Tinder. You could tumble down a deeper rabbit hole than you anticipate.

Thankfully, Wednesday’s quarter moon lends its stabilizing beams to your fifth house of fame and romance, a nudge from above to refresh all your profiles from LinkedIn to Bumble and beyond. When was the last time you Googled yourself?

A midweek search could reveal some Tweets and old-time photos that NEED to come down, stat, since they no longer represent 2018 you.

This lunar leveling can bring a romantic reality check. Have you been overlooking a good one, Taurus, or forgetting to appreciate your rock-steady S.O.? Humpday is your chance at redemption. Pro tip: Make a move that’s both obvious and glamorous!

Your social butterfly wings will be flapping at a higher BPM starting Thursday, as the Sun cruises into Cancer and your garrulous third house until July 22. Just in time for the longest day of light, you’re ready to step out and regale the crowds with your bright and magnetic presence! No need to travel far.

The local scene will be a warm and welcoming environment during this monthlong cycle. Make a point of patronizing neighborhood boutiques and mom-and-pop shops, even if it IS more convenient to Prime everything.

Challenge yourself to check out new area venues instead of always plunking down at “the usual place.”

Cancer season is always a fabulous time for gathering with your favorite people, so why not take it one step further and appoint yourself entertainment director for a month? With your planning skills par excellence, you could level up the fun for everyone, from organizing pool parties to festival road trips to “rosé and crochet” crafting nights.

Or, see if a local venue might host weekly trivia nights, open-mics or film screenings. This is a prime time for partnerships, although more of the platonic variety. Keep your radar on for kindred spirits and search for synergies with everyone you meet.

Joining forces will more than double your productivity. Surprise: A competitor might even become a collaborator in the coming four weeks, but test the waters with a short-term project before signing on to any long-term ventures. /by TheAstroTwins

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