More, please! A cosmic collaboration of the Sun and boundless Jupiter will not only broaden your horizons this Tuesday, March 13 but it will also whet your appetite for experiences you never considered in the past. Keep your mind WIDE open, Cancer. By increasing your risk tolerance (a little, at least!) you could burst beyond limitations that were never actually real in the first place.

Some Crabs may literally board a plane for a prospecting mission or connect cross-culturally with a creative twin soul who lives miles away. If forced to choose, err on the side of being flamboyantly self-expressed instead of quietly observant. Even if you wind up saying (or wearing) something a little bit ridiculous, it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission early this week.

Fortunately, all common sense will NOT go out the window just because you’re letting yourself play. Also this Tuesday, discerning Saturn and style-arbiter Venus lock into a dynamic square (90-degree angle) which brings the necessary quality control. As you step out of your comfort zone to explore some wilder ideas, Saturn helps you consider the impact your actions will have on others.

These could be mutually beneficial if you’re on the right track! And with enchanting Venus in your goal-oriented tenth house, you could walk right into a profitable collaboration. But DO consider the long-term ramifications along with the benefits. If you’re going to be bringing someone else’s vision to life, there should be perks, like great pay or the opportunity to learn something you can later apply to your own magnum opus.

While relationships are a priority under Saturn’s current watch, don’t pass up a great opportunity because you’re afraid it might threaten your love life. Discuss it dispassionately with your amour, looking for creative compromises.

A wicked case of wanderlust could strike on Saturday as the new moon in Pisces revs up your ninth house of travel. Start a Pinterest board of must-see destinations and set up fare saver alerts. You don’t have to rush off for immediate departure. But aim to have a dreamy new stamp in your passport by the corresponding full moon in Pisces this August 26.

A vacation with a spiritual or educational component can deepen your interest in life’s great mysteries. Got ideas for an entrepreneurial venture—one that will bring more independence and flow to your workdays? This new moon could serve as a launching pad.

Since the ninth house governs education you may sign up for a specialized training or degree program. You could also start developing your own curriculum or feel the call to enroll in teacher training. Is there a book or broadcast in you, Cancer? Start writing and recording this weekend!

Your urge to merge heats up on Saturday, too, as go-getter Mars joins intimate Pluto and stable Saturn in Capricorn and your seventh house of partnerships until May 16. An exciting co-venture may be inked over the next eight weeks, potentially bringing a wave of prosperity. Romantic relationships could become serious and official. Don’t hit the brakes out of fear!

Mars buoys your courage and helps you explore new terrain in the relationship department. No matter what you’re up to, surround yourself with people who reflect the best in you—even if that means a casting change within your inner circle. While you don’t need “yes men” who will ply you with false flattery, you could use some space from people who are destructively critical.

Heads up: Mars can also be an impulsive and agitating force. To avoid misunderstandings and meltdowns, lawyer up and put all business deals in writing. Need to break out of a confining partnership? Fierce Mars has your back. There are too many alluring fish in the sea to waste your time with the sharks! /THEASTROTWINS

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