There’s strength in numbers this week, Taurus, from twosomes to an entire village. On Tuesday, March 13 supersizer Jupiter and the bold Sun form a galvanizing trine (120-degree angle) in the most people-oriented zones of your chart. Since this auspicious energy won’t linger long—you’ll feel it from Monday to Wednesday—strike while the iron is hot! Devote the first half of the week to networking, outreach and casting for your dream team.

Massaging those all-important connections in your contact database could open the doors to all sorts of opportunities. You never know who you’ll meet at that industry mixer or casual group hang. If you think someone would make an ideal partner—in the boardroom or the bedroom—this courage-boosting alignment inspires you to take more initiative. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Is there a situation that could benefit from a little more rigorous attention, Taurus? Tuesday also brings a reality check, when structured Saturn in clear-eyed Capricorn body-checks romantic Venus in dreamy Aries. This square helps you be more honest with yourself about the circumstances and people involved. Are you being too accepting of terms? Or are you being overly particular about one of the parties on the deal?

Nobody’s perfect, Bull, and this transit might show you where you’ve set the bar a little too high. Conversely, you may have to accept the fact that someone else’s visions and values will never line up with yours. In a shaky relationship? Take off the rose-colored specs and assess whether you’ve been giving too much, or if you owe it to this person to compromise just a smidge more.

But if there is no trouble in paradise, this commitment-oriented mashup offers a stellar time for a little getaway a deux. Give in to those twelfth-house escapist impulses and head for the hills—or maybe a remote tropical beach, where the sunsets are epic and clothing is optional.

Saturday’s new moon in Pisces picks up where the Sun-Jupiter duo leaves off, energizing your eleventh house of community, collaboration and inventive technology. Finding a new tribe could happen quite suddenly this weekend—or your go-to fall-winter crew could emerge from the ranks of people you already know.

Laughter is the best medicine—along with regular dance breaks, karaoke sprees, and lively dinner parties—to interrupt the workaholic tendencies your sign can fall into. You might even organize a weekly event yourself; or, get involved in a group art project or activist cause that doubles as a bonding experience.

Don’t forget your peeps in other ports! On Saturday, adventurous Mars charges into Capricorn and fires up your intrepid ninth house until May 16. You find safety in routines and love your nest, but too much time there will cause you to stagnate. It’s time to cast a wider net and find new ways to stretch and expand your horizons. Get a meaningful vacation booked, like a yoga retreat or a trip with an educational component.

Your mind is hungry for new information! Head to the bookstore or download new titles that you can listen to in audiobook form while you’re on the elliptical machine or driving to work. For entrepreneurial Bulls, this Mars phase will be epic, especially since business-savvy Saturn and Pluto are also in Capricorn.

There’s no time like the present to invest in your dreams, whether that means going back to school, traveling to expand into new territory or collaborating with a long-distance business partner. Closer to home, cross-cultural connections heat up. Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents.

A sexy traveler might keep you warm for at least a few days this winter and spring. Mars in your tell-it-like-it-is ninth house makes you more candid than usual. Politeness could go out the window… or at least take a backseat to authentic expression. Just beware the “open mouth, insert thigh-high boot” syndrome. Being TOO harsh and direct—pitfalls of Mars’ firepower—may damage the very bonds you’re trying to build. /THEASTROTWINS

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