Who needs some “tending and befriending”? Your nurturing side takes the wheel this Tuesday, March 13 as your ruler generous Jupiter, who is currently on tour through your compassionate twelfth house, gets in a flowing formation with the sentimental Pisces Sun. Your brand of caretaking is unique: You’d rather empower people with wisdom than coddle them with platitudes.

It’s not that you won’t offer warm-fuzzy empathy and an extra-long hug. (Umm, you can let go now, Sagittarius…) But then, it’s time to get proactive! You’re not shy about pointing out where loved ones have “room for improvement.” Early this week, that candor can make an epic difference for someone you love. Just be careful not to get sucked into a crisis-junkie’s codependent trap.

As a mutable fire sign, your advice booth is more like a pop-up shop than a permanent structure. Nothing frustrates you more than people who pump you for pro tips, then turn around and make the same self-destructive choices over and over again. But friends who take flight with a little wind beneath their wings? These are your people! Go to them now—it will be as rewarding for you as it is for them.

Near Tuesday, you may also have to make a weighty financial decision. Value-driven Saturn in your security sector locks into a challenging square with decadent Venus. Delayed gratification isn’t your sign’s strong suit but this transit may bring good reason to sock away some pennies for a bigger investment.

It takes money to make money: Are you putting your hard-earned cash in things that will bring a return? It could be your 401K, a website refresh, or a certification program that sets you up for a salary increase. Apply the same maxim to love. If you thought of relationships as investments and your time as money, who would be worthy of your devotion?

More moneymaking momentum arrives on Saturday when motivator Mars joins shrewd Pluto and master-builder Saturn in Capricorn until May 16. Open wallet… insert cash! Professional goals will be your obsession over the coming two months, whether you’re incubating a business idea or working your way up the corporate ranks (or both). That said, productivity may come at a more measured pace than it has for the past couple months.

Since January 26, Mars was zooming through Sagittarius—an every-other-year journey that pours rocket-fuel in your tanks. (And let’s be honest, you needed that boost after hosting sluggish taskmaster Saturn in your sign from December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017.) As Mars lumbers on to Capricorn this Saturday, you can start to monetize all the brilliant developments of early 2018.

Over the coming eight weeks, you may sign on a major client, position yourself for an executive role, or figure out a genius profitability model for your soloventure. If you’re still green around the gills, there’s no time like the present for training and developing yourself. Sign up for coaching sessions, mastermind groups and continuing ed classes.

If you have the chance to train alongside a master, seize it, even if it’s an internship/apprenticeship. What you don’t get paid in paper, you’ll earn in priceless, hands-on experience.

Saturday also features a new moon in Pisces, which will warm up your domestic zone. Are you ready to make some changes around Chateau Archer? Whether you’re hanging wallpaper or looking for a new place to hang your wide-brimmed fedora, get started on that mission now. Given Mars’ industrious cycle, think seriously about turning a spare room or nook into a home office.

Then again, that might also mean that you never stop burning the midnight oil. Some Sagittarians may need to draw a healthier boundary between relaxation time and work time. If you’re an entrepreneur, consider renting an outside office or joining a coworking space. At the very least, create “no-fly zones” for your laptop and paperwork. The bedroom is meant for sleeping, not coding and replying to inquiries into the wee hours of the night!

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