Communication is a two-way street, Cancer and this Monday, May 21 some adjustments are in order. The quarter moon in Virgo lands with a soft thud in your articulate third house, helping you fine-tune your conversational style so that everyone feels fully expressed and heard.

In certain friendships, you may feel pigeonholed into the role of the compassionate ersatz therapist; in others, it might be YOU who does all the gushing. Do your part to restore equilibrium. That might mean interrupting the persistent complainers before they launch into another “woe is me” tirade.

Let them know honestly that relationship dynamics are off balance and that you would like the opportunity to be heard yourself. If you’re the guilty oversharer, thank the generous listeners and let them know that you’d like to hear what’s going on in their lives.

For extra-credit points, don’t chime in with a relatable story from your own archives; simply let THEM be the star of the conversation and ask questions like, “Can you tell me a little more about that?”

An adventurous and romantic Friday may be in store as the zodiac’s dreamy nomads, Jupiter and Neptune, align in a free-flowing trine (120-degree angle). Has a friend in another city been begging you to come visit?

Pack an overnight bag and go! You might even take a short journey in the name of love, driving (or flying) out of town to meet a social media pen-pal or reconnect with that cutie you met during your winter vacation.

No matter where your Doc Martens are planted, this boundary-blurring transit can make you uncharacteristically forward. Before you can stop the words from falling out of your mouth, you might be copping to a crush or pursuing an attraction. And even if you KNOW it’s only an ephemeral spring fling, the attention could be too alluring to resist.

If you don’t want to cross certain lines, find other ways to get your fix. Plan a fancy night on the town with bae or dress up and hit the dance floor with good friends. (Read: the ones who won’t let you destroy a five-year marriage for a night with a silver-tongued seducer, say…)

Connecting to your creativity can also do the trick. Hit an art opening or, if you’re feeling bold, step up to the open mic and give a performance of your own.

The weekend’s best accessory: A garlic wreath? An energy vampire could be hovering in your orbit and you’d be wise to shield your field. With starry-eyed Venus in Cancer from May 19 to June 13, you’re an irresistible people magnet.

But not every one of these intriguing characters deserves an all-access pass to your world. On Saturday, stern Saturn in Capricorn and your relationship house wags a finger at Venus, reminding you to be more discerning.

As charmed as you may be by people’s initial presentation, this is not the time to soften your shell for those who have yet to earn your trust.

A connection that’s been accelerating quickly might hit a speed bump—and while a little heart-wrenching, this could be a blessing in disguise. Slow down and let your bond evolve organically.

You may need to reconfigure the roles and responsibilities in relationships—or simply get clear on the direction of a nebulous connection.

Saturn lends practical magic while diplomatic Venus helps you talk through tricky topics without letting strong emotions hijack your pre-frontal cortex. Find a calm and centered moment for a heart-to-heart. Clarity shall set you free! /by TheAstroTwins

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