Is your career in the right gear, Sagittarius? Whether you’re gunning your engines or riding the brakes, this Monday, May 21 pull over for a professional pit stop and take inventory.

The quarter moon in Virgo is bringing equilibrium to your tenth house of ambitions and helping you find the proper pace to ride through the summer. As a fire sign, you’re prone to FOMO and your first response to everything is often a “Yes!”

But that’s also how you get yourself buried under a mountain of stress. Unless you want to spend the best beach days behind your computer, create limits and parameters. What projects are already heaped onto your plate…and which of these are actually worthy of your time? Do you need to dial up your involvement on any missions and bow out of others?

Remember: You don’t have to fill every blank space on your calendar in order to be a success. For one thing, you need your playtime in order to stay productive and centered.

For another, there’s power in saying “no” to offers that aren’t fully in your wheelhouse—and either negotiating them into a good fit or holding out for your true passions.

For the rare Archer who is twiddling their thumbs, this quarter moon is your call to get proactive. Start circulating with people in your industry.

If there’s a gap in your skill set, sign up for coursework that will get your CV up to snuff. A momentous effort is not required; just take the first step and kinetic energy will keep you moving right along.

A soulful sojourn is in store this Friday as spirit-weaver Neptune syncs up with your ruler, nomadic Jupiter. But with both planets traversing the most emotional, intuitive zones of your chart, you don’t need to pack a suitcase to take that trip.

You could wander in the figurative sense, plunging into a deep, philosophical discussion or psychologically analyzing every aspect of life with a sage friend. With Jupiter in your esoteric twelfth house, words might also be optional.

A silent Friday night could help you ease into the weekend, so head to a yoga class, or even something more “woo” like a vibrational sound healing, group meditation, or drum circle. Should wanderlust strike, however, follow that prompt! A quiet overnight at the beach or in a woodsy cabin could revive your spirit!

Your powers of persuasion will not fail you this weekend, o’ dashing Archer. Not with magnetic Venus sidling through your alluring eighth house from May 19 to June 13.

But head’s up: Is your mouth about to write a check that your arse simply can’t cash? (And while we’re on the topic, uh, are the funds actually there in your bank account to pay for the pricey goods in your cart?)

On Saturday, stern Saturn in your sensible second house fires a warning shot to Venus as the two oppose each other in the sky. Tighten up your budget and be more resourceful. Before you buy new, see what you can barter or upcycle. And back up assertions with empirical data.

It’s better to undersell and over-deliver than make a promise that you can’t keep. When it comes to love, don’t gloss over any red flags. Even in long term relationships, it’s best to nip a minor grievance in the bud before it blossoms into something huge.

With enchanting Venus veiling everything in a rose-colored hue, a charlatan could slip past your normally dead-on radar. Run the background checks. Nobody’s perfect, Sagittarius, but the question is: Can you deal with the downside of the situation? Weigh it out. /by TheAstroTwins

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