Two steps forward, one step back? You might need to adjust your speed at work and in your public life starting Tuesday as retrograde Uranus falls back one spot on the game board, from Taurus into Aries and your tenth house of career and long-term goals until March 6, 2019.

Although this may bring some chaos to your professional trajectory, take heart: This four-month circuit is the FINAL lap Uranus will run through your success sector for another 80-plus years! Plus, any shakeups might actually be happening in order to turn your attention to some innovative solutions and technology you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Since March 2011, the side-spinning planet’s tour through Aries has brought both excitement and instability to many a Cancer’s career. You may have found yourself craving greater independence or, perhaps, carving out a totally new role for yourself at your company…or in a different field!

Wherever you’ve been beaming your influential powers, this last round of Uranus in Aries may inspire you to step into a role of greater leadership. Being the boss doesn’t mean getting swamped with busywork and being lonely at the top.

Hustling IS noble, but not if it costs you your healthy or sanity. Now’s the time to start using technology to make your job more efficient or setting up systems and hiring capable contractors to whom you can delegate.

If you’re still paying your dues as you break into your chosen field, strategic networking is the name of the game between now and March 6. Avail yourself to the office VIPs and start following the people who you admire in your industry.

Repeat shows of devotion—and diligence—will not just help you get an oxford in the door, but may also score you an invite to walk on through.

Romantically, circle Wednesday as a hotspot, as the new moon in Scorpio shoots molten beams into your amorous, glamorous fifth house. A divine chapter may open up with the one you adore.

Even if you’ve been together for years, be willing to look at them with fresh eyes. Single? You may surprise yourself by being uncharacteristically forward with a crush or Tinder cutie, even suggesting a meetup that very night.

But there’s no need to rush it, Crab, especially if you’re worried about coming on too strong. While “carpe diem-ing” is never a bad idea during a new moon, what’s most important is that you’re planting seeds and signaling obvious interest.

No prospects on the horizon? Some Hump Day bae-hunting could turn up at least one person worthy of a digits swap. Even though Venus is retrograde until November 16, you can start putting yourself out there again…if only as a warm-up pitch.

Speaking of pitches, this new moon falls in your fame sector, making Wednesday an ideal time to promote your latest offerings. Circulate among the fabulous as often as possible. A weekend party could evolve into a networking event.

On Thursday, raise a glass of good cheer to your health—and we’re thinking something green and clean, Cancer. Propitious Jupiter sets up base camp in Sagittarius and your sixth house of wellness, fitness and streamlined living for the next 13 months.

This is a MAJOR sea change, as the planet of luck, expansion and all things good only visits this sector once every 12.5 years. Get ready to tap the kind of vitality and strength you haven’t felt in years.

And we haven’t even mentioned the radiant glow that will come from the inside. You don’t have to do this in one fell swoop, but since Jupiter is larger than life AND supports bold moves, why NOT?

Sometime this weekend, change into your “cleaning house” costume, roll up your sleeves—literally or figuratively—and tackle those problem areas. You can start with a deep decluttering mission (so you’ll know what you need to deal with) of the pantry and fridge.

After you’ve cleared out the energy-zapping, processed junk food, replace with farmer’s market fare and health food store staples. Pick workouts or classes you actually love and commit to showing up regularly. (Pro tip: Put the days and times right in your calendar like you would for any commitment.)

For added motivation, pre-reward yourself with a couple cute new gym or yoga outfits for motivation. The sixth house also governs your daily work, and freedom-loving Jupiter could liberate you from the shackles of the 9-5 grind.

While you need your security, Cancer, who says you can’t have more of it by being your own boss or working as an independent contractor?

With Uranus also nudging you towards greater career fulfillment, it may be time to set up that LLC and go into business for yourself. If nothing else, you may work more “intrapreneurially” between now and December 2, 2019, spearheading initiatives or even starting up a new division within a company’s ecosystem.

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