Sometimes, even you speedy Rams like to slow down enough to enjoy the moment rather than quickly rushing into the next one. Although your thoughts may still be racing, it’s beginning to dawn on you that there’s no need to be in a hurry in order to feel alive.

As you reorient yourself to this kinder and gentler way of being, you start to notice that your mind is freer to absorb a wider spectrum of sensation than before. Golf champion Walter Hagen said, “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”


Your world has come alive with sights and smells that seem to resonate with your soul. You might feel as if you are back at home now that the radiant Sun is comfortably settled in your sign. Sharing your happiness with someone close to you is as sweet as the icing on a cake.

However, there’s no need to turn your present joy into a plan for the future. Allow your imagination to play without restraint. Vincent van Gogh wrote, “What is done with love is done well.”


You might miss the hustle and bustle of the last few days as the pace of life becomes more manageable now. Although you could use some time to finish an old project or simply catch up with a friend, you may grow bored waiting for a bit of excitement to get your adrenaline flowing again.

However, you won’t necessarily share your feelings with others because you think they might criticize your inability to relax. But the truth is no one wants you to be untrue to yourself. Zig Ziglar said, “Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace.”


It’s as if the universe has finally given you permission to be quiet and you’re luxuriating in the silence. Nevertheless, a lack of conversation with others doesn’t necessarily prevent you from participating in an ongoing dialogue with yourself.

In fact, the Moon’s return to your sign redirects your thoughts inward without stopping the actual flow of ideas and emotions. Observe your inner process closely, for it holds precious clues about your unexpressed desires. Fashion designer Donna Karan wrote, “It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.”


Your associates could make a serious mistake by assuming you don’t want to be involved in an important decision-making process now. They might misinterpret your current silence as a sign of disinterest. However, you’re strategically thinking in terms of weeks while they are caught up in moment-to-moment crisis management.

Fortunately, you can nip a potential misunderstanding in the bud by disclosing your intentions today. Letting others know that you’re still emotionally invested in your work requires very little time and is enough to do the trick. Speak now or forever hold your peace.


Although your thoughts may be drifting into the future, you really aren’t interested in turning your dreams into a plan just yet. Nevertheless, you are more practical than others realize now, but they don’t see how much energy you’re directing toward containing your enthusiasm.

It’s as if you know that talking about a concept before it’s fully developed can inhibit its growth. There’s no reason to impress anyone with your ideas until they are ready for public consumption. A work of art was once a work in progress.


Your imagination is revealing unfamiliar landscapes that can ultimately lure you in a new direction. Your sense of urgency is like a fire that has burned itself out and you’re not in a hurry to start it back up again. Everything seems to be unfolding on its own schedule and there is little you need to do to keep the process in motion.

You know that timing is everything and you’re willing to see where this road leads before involving others in your dreams. Lao Tzu wrote, “Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.”


It’s a blessing when there are others to lean on, but it can be confusing when they go through changes you don’t understand. The stubborn Taurus Sun is now moving through your 7th House of Others, shining its light on someone in your life who is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, dependable and immovable.

However, you might be concerned that their fixed determination is creating a gulf between you that can’t be crossed. Unfortunately, you could be manifesting a self-fulfilling prophecy by allowing your fears to fuel your imagination. Negativity may knock at your door but that doesn’t mean you have to let it in.


You can see the value of a more methodical approach to work, but you may not be ready to act on your new realization. Instead, you might imagine various scenarios in which you could add structure to your routine where it is lacking now. But don’t compare your current situation with your fantasies in order to justify self-criticism.

It’s crucial to use your imagination as a constructive motivating force rather than complicating your life with stress. Author Iyanla Vanzant wrote, “Comparison is an act of violence against the self.”


You are cautiously optimistic as you look to the future, even if there’s a world of responsibility on your shoulders. It may seem as if some of the heaviness is lifting, but your current trajectory still has its share of hard work and obstacles ahead.

Trouble might arise today if your intentions clash with someone’s feelings, especially if you are accused of being inconsiderate. Obviously, resolving a misunderstanding could place demands on your time, but peace of mind will be well worth the effort.


You aren’t interested in escaping responsibilities or losing your professional status now. However, you simply want to step back from the competitive side of work where ambition overrides your personal world.

Placing your career on hold, even for a short amount of time, is part of a larger process of rejuvenation that can reinvigorate your heart. To change your life, you must change your priorities. Rumi wrote, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


You are like a fish in a tidepool, excited that the incoming tide is bringing you a fresh supply of water today. The Moon’s shift into emotional Cancer in your 5th House of Self-Expression inspires you to engage with friends and associates on a deeper level.

It’s as if you are emerging from several years of intense healing and now your isolated little pond is suddenly reunited with the entire ocean. Zen philosopher Alan Watts wrote, “Enlightenment or awakening is not the creation of a new state of affairs but the recognition of what already is.”

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