You can accomplish nearly anything while you are traveling in the fantasy realms. However, once you return to the real world, you continue to run into walls that may require you to abandon your dreams. Your frustration draws you closer to making a long-term decision, but it’s not prudent to overreach today.

Go ahead and share your still-amorphous ideas, even if you might risk destabilizing your equilibrium. The key to maintaining your balance is your awareness of when you lose it. Maya Angelou wrote, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”


In your dreams, you’re eloquently confessing your love to someone who sends your heart into aerial acrobatics. In reality, you’re torn between making a new connection or running for safety. This personal dilemma is particularly unnerving because inaction won’t help anything at all.

Luckily, the more you talk about your needs and desires now, the easier it becomes to speak from your heart. Psychologist Brene Brown wrote, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.”


Although you may be relatively content with your chosen career path, you can only see where you’ve fallen short in other areas of your life. You’re not a harsh critic but you have grown dissatisfied with certain relationships. You might be feeling pressured to make changes in your communication style now.

Adding more meaning to your conversations online and in the real world is accomplished by a simple declaration of your choice. Announcing your intentions today is the beginning of a wonderful new journey.


Your world is like a playground now, where you and your friends can meet for fun and frivolities. Circumstances invite you to tuck away your worries and enjoy the company of those you love and respect. However, an authority figure may crash the party and try to dictate your actions.

Clearly, it’s smart to play by the rules but you’re not responsible to change anyone else’s judgment of you. Maintaining your integrity and celebrating life’s joys are not mutually exclusive.


Communicating with your peers can precipitate an interesting mix of emotions today. On one hand, you love to hang out with your friends, laughing and sharing stories. But on the other hand, it’s discouraging when their words don’t match up with their actions, making it tougher to let down your guard.

Nevertheless, every relationship is a chance to practice trust. Helen Keller wrote, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”


Although there are topics already on the table for discussion, it’s helpful to have a solid idea of where the conversation could lead. But talking about your inner process might not go as smoothly as you hope today.

In fact, others may not understand the logic of your recent decisions and the more you explain yourself now, the more complicated and entangled your words sound. Don’t wait too long to modify your strategy. Listen up; if the cosmos is telling you to save your message for another day, don’t waste words arguing.


Your ultimate dream might be to live in a world where everyone is respected and cherished. Of course, a fantasy like this cannot possibly be fulfilled overnight, but you may be surprised at what you can do if you scale down your expectations.

If you want to play the role of a diplomat, focus on one issue at a time rather than all of humanity’s problems. Stay positive and keep your goals manageable. Commitment in the face of conflict produces character.


You can get your ideas across to others today only if you do the proper preparation. One thing is certain; you cannot just wing it now. Although the connection might seem tenuous, the first step is to decide on how to take your spiritual pursuit to the next level.

The second step is to shorten your delivery. When you have your words crafted into a concise flow in your mind, then you’re ready to bring another person into the equation. Aristotle wrote, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


Some people might say that you are blessed by angels. Other might call you lucky today as everything seems to fall in your favor. However, the bottom line is the same. Once you choose to participate in a specific project, it appears to turn to gold.

But it’s impossible to tell if success was already in progress and you simply picked a winner, or if your actual involvement was instrumental to the growth. It doesn’t really matter what cause you ascribe to your good fortune. Continue working as if every little thing you do can singularly make a difference.


You believe that your intentions are well-conceived and you’re eager to execute your plan step by step. Unfortunately, you might not take the necessary precautions before including others in your project.

It’s one thing to let yourself down; you can live with your own mistakes and their impact on your life. Karmically speaking, it’s much more emotionally expensive to create interpersonal trouble because then you need to untangle the mess. Prevention is the best medicine.


It feels as if you’re being told what to do — and you don’t like being bossed around at all. Although you frequently struggle with your emotions, they are the weather vanes of your life now, pointing toward the direction of change. It’s not wise to suppress your current reactions to an intense situation.

Nevertheless, discussing the dynamic power imbalance is a dead-end street. Meditate on your emotions before bringing anyone else into the magic of the moment. Silence speaks when words fail.


Circumstances on the home front may be slightly unstable today, and there’s no obvious path toward a constructive solution. Unfortunately, a disagreement over priorities could hijack your day if you let it. Don’t allow your needs to get lost in the shuffle.

There’s no reason to ask anyone else for advice when you can ask yourself. Block out the noise and go deep now. A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear. The best answers come from within.

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