Your need for independence conflicts with your desire to be part of a larger community. In fact, you believe your relationships temporarily distract you from your own agenda. You may even feel trapped if you don’t want to go along with the crowd.

Nevertheless, now you’re willing to push up against your fear of the unknown to explore boundaries that make you uncomfortable. The specific outcome of today’s decision is less important than your current emotional process. Ursula K. Le Guin wrote, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”


People are so supportive of your ideas that you’re hesitant to blindly accept all the positive feedback without questioning it. You might wonder if others are just saying kind words to be nice, especially if their comments are fueling your fantasies.

But as much as you want to follow your dreams, you can’t afford to lose touch with your financial reality. Balancing the practical side of your ambitions with everyone else’s enthusiastic advice can be a tricky dance now. Author Amit Kalantri wrote, “Pragmatism is good prevention for problems.”


You’re extremely optimistic about your ability to be in two places at once, prompting you to pack more into your day than you can handle. Your enthusiasm may be opening doors whichever way you turn today, but it’s apparent that you cannot walk through all of them.

Exercising caution prior to pursuing the next awesome opportunity will save you from the stress of over-commitment later on. A jack of all trades is a master of none. In order to say yes to your priorities, you have to be willing to say no to something else.


People might think everything is copacetic in your world, but you’re secretly worried about the possibility of conflict interrupting your day. Although you can find equilibrium in the midst of any storm, it’s someone else’s behavior that creates the disturbance today.

Defending your feelings is a waste of energy because an initial standoff increases the tension and makes resolution even less likely. You can be adaptable enough to meet someone halfway without sacrificing your integrity. Be willing to change because life won’t stay the same.


Your extroverted nature can spark your social life, but it’s most useful today to hide your true feelings from view. You are like a stage magician, waving one hand in the air so everyone’s eyes follow the movement while your other hand is doing something no one notices.

Thankfully, you’re not trying to get away with nefarious behavior. You’re simply utilizing the tools at your disposal to avoid negative judgment and unnecessary drama. Bruce Lee said, “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”


In the ongoing battle between your head and your heart, logical thoughts acquiesce under the weight of emotional pressure now. Paradoxically, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish a rational idea from an irrational feeling today.

Progress is unlikely when you are stuck in a cycle of doubt. Sharing your fears reveals the sometimes-forgotten fact that you’re just like everyone else with your own human frailties. Nevertheless, you may lock in a response that validates your perspective and refuse to change it. Think again; if you are confronted with the truth, modify your position rather than the facts.


You’re feeling the influx of positive cosmic energy today, and hope to work with it rather than against it. Your intentions are clear from the start; when you are in a position of leadership, you want to use it for the good of all.

Nevertheless, it’s tempting now to dream about receiving a well-deserved promotion or landing your ideal job. Although it’s healthy to use your imagination while strategizing for the future, it’s not helpful to rely on your fantasies as an escape hatch. Draw up an action plan and get to work.


Your unchecked generosity could become a liability today, especially if your personal resources won’t cover the cost of your gifts. However, the problem with your magnanimity may go far beyond a temporary lack of cash.

Helping others is a form of charity, but it’s essential to remember charity begins at home. Giving without limits can put you in a precarious situation. As the stewards advise on airplanes, “Fasten your oxygen mask prior to helping others.”


You may be checking off so many things on your to-do list today that you don’t have time to stop and assess your recent accomplishments. In fact, you might be eager to shift your attention from your own goals to support someone else as they pursue theirs.

Nevertheless, the real action in your life is happening deep beneath the surface, preventing anyone from seeing your most significant progress. Hidden results will begin to manifest in the days ahead. Be like the lotus: trust in the light, grow through the dirt and believe in new beginnings.


Creating a schedule for the day and sticking to it is more difficult now than you might think. But your plans are not limited to establishing productive time; they also enable you to put relaxation and creativity on your calendar.

Thankfully, there’s no reason you must rigidly adhere to your agenda today. However, outlining your itinerary in advance minimizes the chance of feeling regret for not accomplishing everything expected. Colin Powell said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”


Responsibilities at work or in the community are on your mind today. Although you might have the day off to spend at home with your family, you’re still thinking about your role in the outer world. You’re eager to fulfill your obligations and, perhaps, assume a position of leadership.

However, distractions abound, and you must concentrate your attention on those priorities that will truly matter in the long run. Author Martha Beck wrote, “Every day brings new choices.”


Although you may have unfinished chores at home today, they won’t likely prevent you from declaring a Work-Free Zone so you can catch up on your rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, you might not be able to extend your downtime as long as you wish.

A friend or family member could interrupt your reverie by asking for your help as they deal with a difficult issue. Naturally, you will do your best to come through for those you admire. Rumi wrote, “When we practice loving kindness and compassion, we are the first ones to profit.”

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