You may long for consistency in a romantic relationship, but your current desires may be in conflict with your goals. Impulsive reactions might feel good in the moment, but your exhilaration will quickly fade as you’re confronted with the consequences of your behavior.

It’s one thing to crave something that isn’t healthy, but it’s entirely different to actually make it happen. Think before you act; fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


Expressing your love comes naturally when you feel safe. Although romantic Venus is visiting affectionate Leo, you may be hesitant to say anything while it’s moving through your 4th House of Emotional Security. However, you could overcompensate by acting in an overly assertive manner.

You might even try to scare others away with your brash behavior so you don’t need to admit to your fears. However, blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter. Opening your heart encourages others to do the same.


Although your natural inclination is to interact with people when given the chance, you’re demonstrating a higher level of caution before approaching anyone today. Nevertheless, you can’t prevent your curiosity from getting the best of you as you wonder where a conversation with someone could go. Keep in mind that your style may seem aggressive to others who aren’t as eager to jump into a conversation.

Just because words are flowing through your awareness doesn’t mean that anything will be gained by sharing them. Zig Ziglar wrote, “You are the most influential person you will talk to all day.”


You wish to keep your thoughts to yourself today because you’re not sure how others will react to your need for independence. But your truth may slip out anyhow, right past the walls you erected to protect your heart.

Although your honesty might not be well received at first, people will adjust to your disclosure as long as you don’t try to blame them for your feelings. Author Doug Firebaugh wrote, “It has been said that success only shows up when determination does, but it must be powered by a non-negotiable decision.”


Your popularity is on the rise and your presence is in high demand today, making it difficult for you to play the role of a hermit. People are attracted to your energy and may be persistent in their pursuit of your attention. Unfortunately, the harder they push, the more you tend to pull away.

However, someone could surprise you and turn the tables on you now by encouraging your freedom. Thankfully, when you’re not feeling trapped by circumstances, your spirit of generosity knows no bounds.


Negotiating for what you want in a successful collaboration isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, you could mess with someone’s emotional equilibrium if they can’t accommodate your wishes. However, there may be a few obvious points of discussion that make sense to cover first.

Start slowly and build from there or you could jeopardize your recent progress. Novelist Tom Robbins wrote, “Our similarities bring us to a common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.”


You may shock people today with your opinions about an ideal relationship as you try to determine your next move. Although others may not be able to offer the sage advice you seek, they are eager to listen to your point of view when it comes to interpersonal dynamics.

It might become obvious rather quickly that your feelings are not the same as everyone else’s. Nevertheless, there’s no time left to waffle in your decision. If you can’t make up your mind, then flip a coin. Either way, make a choice and move on.


You’re not necessarily the clingy type, but you may have a run-in today with someone who is overly possessive of your time. Your immediate tendency is to snap back at the other person so they remember to respect your boundaries.

But they could overreact to your defensive behavior now, making the matter even messier than it was. Ultimately, your smartest strategy is to avoid all extreme positions now, no matter what the topic of discussion. Moderation is your saving grace.


You could fall in love in a big way today. But whether you’re captivated by a person, a place or an idea, your feelings are disruptive to the status quo. It’s nearly impossible to continue with your day-to-day routine when your emotions are so unstable.

However, you will likely return to your senses on a moment’s notice once you realize that things are not always as they appear. Personal ups and downs rise and fall like the tides, but your responsibilities remain. Don’t be daunted; just grit your teeth and get to work.


You’re not looking for any unscheduled complications today but they seem to follow you around, anyhow. Fortunately, once something goes awry, it only takes you a few moments to take charge of the stressful situation and redirect the energy in a positive manner.

There’s no reason to surrender to circumstances that appear to be outside of your control now. Confidence is your key to invincibility. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


You will do nearly anything possible to hurry up and finish your work today. You are acutely aware that people are dependent on your production and you certainly don’t want to let anyone down. Nevertheless, you’re cruising for a fun experience outside of your safety zone.

Combining pleasure with a touch of danger makes your heart race now. Honoring your commitments first gives you ample time for extracurricular pursuits. Adventure starts where plans end.


You’re not very direct when it comes to announcing your intentions today. Everyone has their own trajectory and no one person’s path is better or worse than another’s. Nevertheless, you’re partial to the unique world you are creating.

However, if you feel detached from your future vision, you might be tempted to take a risk in order to put your life back on track. Positive results are possible as long you think your plan through before you start anything.

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