Money is on your mind as you seek ways to increase your personal wealth. If you are considering developing new streams of income now, it’s not too soon to make your move. But it’s also possible to improve your cash flow by budgeting your expenditures.

Whether additional money comes in or less goes out, the result is having access to adequate resources when you need them. But don’t set your expectations so high that they are impossible to achieve. Even an apparently insubstantial change in your finances can significantly enhance your relationship with the material world.


Carefully sharing your thoughts today may not be enough since people hear what they want to hear anyway. Others experience you through their own optimization filters, which makes everything about you look and sound better than it actually is. It can be awkward when someone places you on a pedestal because your self-esteem is fine without their approval.

The best way to deal with this energetic imbalance is to swiftly set your two feet back down to ground level. Philosopher George Santayana wrote, “Wisdom comes by disillusionment.”


You have a lot to say today, but there’s so much on your mind that it’s difficult to know where to start. Although you’re known for your conversational skills, you might feel as if you’re stuck behind the proverbial eight ball with no easy route to satisfaction.

Fortunately, you can reduce the pressure by telling just part of your story for now. You may happily discover that people are on your side because they want you to succeed. However, staying quiet prevents you from receiving the level of support you deserve. Reverend Jesse Jackson said, “When everyone is included, everyone wins.”


You may be very cautious about revealing your heart today, but that won’t stop you from talking. In fact, you can take command in any conversation as long as you avoid subjects that make you feel vulnerable.

You might even shift the subject to wax philosophic on an impersonal topic without anyone realizing you successfully took your emotions out of the spotlight. Do what you must to feel emotionally safe but remember your fear of rejection is less connected to the present moment than a past memory. Here and now is where the magic happens.


Although your thoughts naturally gravitate toward achieving success at work today, you’re eager to find time to network with others about more personal issues. Conversations about health, exercise and diet may be tied to concerns over healing wounds from the past.

Of course, there’s no better time than the present moment to consider what you can do to improve your future. Becoming aware of the alternatives gives you more control of your physical and mental well-being. Disney’s Grandmother Willow says, “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.”


It’s awkward when your emotions are so close to the surface, forcing you to acknowledge that everyone knows how you’re feeling now whether or not you share your inner process. You prefer to lead with a cool head, displaying your superior analytical prowess and sharp intelligence.

Nevertheless, the Moon’s visit to your sign softens your hard edges and allows others to see your heart, rather than just your brain. Oscar Wilde wrote, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”


Your declarations carry more influence today than you realize, but your impact goes beyond the moment. Paradoxically, your intention creates a direct pathway that allows your message to hit the target, even if it runs into someone’s defenses.

Nevertheless, choose your words carefully because they wield the power to heal or hurt. Meanwhile, keep in mind what is left unsaid also speaks volumes. Rumi wrote, “Listen to silence. It has so much to say.”


This is your chance to speak about something that’s close to your heart. You are known to be ruthless in your search for integrity and truth, but your passion makes some people feel uncomfortable. You are often tempted to bring up subjects that are not meant for the faint of heart, yet set these discussions aside for fear of offending someone or scaring them away.

Fortunately, you can talk about the most sensitive issues now without stirring any negativity. You may not reach resolution in one short conversation, but opening the door gently is a significant first step in the right direction.


You are a person on a mission today and will not stop until you deliver your message. Although there are many approaches to fix a stressful situation at work, your analysis is clear and you believe sharing the facts as you see them will be convincing to others, too.

The danger of your current single-mindedness is that people may react negatively to your self-righteousness, even if your conclusion is correct. Rather than presenting your solution as the only one, share yours as a viable possibility and let the ensuing dialogue unfold.


You are clear that your current goals are based upon the needs of many, rather than your personal desires. Although you don’t want to disappoint anyone, you’re at a loss trying to figure out how to turn your plan into reality. You realize the necessity of having others involved, for your vision is greater than the work of one person.

Initiating a conversation with your peers can get the ball rolling as long as you don’t expect too much too fast. Baseball player Leon Brown said, “The more you try to control something, the more it controls you. Free yourself, and let things take their own natural course.”


People who know you expect the unexpected, however, your current actions may still surprise them. You can’t understand why they are shocked since you believe your behavior is consistent with your intentions.

Instead of ignoring others as you move forward with your plans, devote whatever time is necessary to share your strategy. Rather than alienating your friends, you can turn this experience into a learning moment which fosters mutual cooperation and stronger connections.


Your thoughts are racing full speed ahead just to keep up with the rapid pace of conversations today. It may seem as if everyone has overdosed on caffeine, with their words coming at you faster than you are able to sort them out. Nevertheless, you’re skilled at understanding the subtle nuances of everyone’s verbal machinations.

Thankfully, you can rise to the occasion and dazzle them with your fancy factual footwork. Professor Andrew Murphy wrote, “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”

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