You don’t know how many times you must succeed before you are taken seriously. You may be at your wit’s end today yet you’re willing to go around once again, hoping to demonstrate your determination to reach your goal.

Rather than looking at a current setback as a sign of inadequacy, change your attitude now and be thankful you are being given a reason to improve your skills and fine-tune your plans. Zig Ziglar wrote, “The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”


You don’t like hearing negative feedback unless it’s constructive enough to help you be more successful. It’s especially unnerving when you receive criticism from a secondhand source. You wonder why your critic doesn’t have enough respect for you to simply talk with you directly.

You may just walk away from the entire situation because you don’t want to engage in adolescent-like emotional games now. The trick is to set an outstanding example by letting the results of your actions speak for you.


Your hopes for travel in the not-too-distant future may be dashed today as conversations with your friends go awry. Performing to very high standards isn’t enough to convince others how seriously you take your commitments because behind-the-scenes political maneuvering might have already marginalized your position.

Nevertheless, backing down now would be a sign of weakness. Give it your absolute best. There is a distinct possibility that your success story could overcome all odds.


You are motivated to be understood by everyone at work today. In fact, your need for fair-and-balanced communication might inspire you to try even harder now to get your message across. You can feel an inescapable tension turning into a problem you can’t ignore.

You may temporarily lose an ally in the process, but don’t waste precious energy maintaining your social relationships when there is more important work to be done. If you pass Saturn’s current exam with flying colors, your lost friends will return before you even realize they were gone.


You may be wearing your practical shoes today, but your clothing choices will not prevent you from dreaming. Losing yourself in a magical world of fantasy enables you to reappear a bit later, ready for another round with reality. Thankfully, your hard work can lead to significant progress now.

But you must address the conflict between your fiery enthusiasm and the frustrating limitation of your resources. Roman historian Sallust wrote, “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things delay.”


You will likely have a day of extremes, depending upon your attitude. You could experience an annoying setback that sends you down a rabbit hole of self-doubt. If your anxiety level is high, it may be difficult to work your way back into a healthy space.

However, this could be an incredibly productive phase if you choose to apply your energy to conquer whatever obstacles appear in your path. Psychologist Carl Jung wrote, “A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.”


Hiding your feelings might actually be a smart idea today as long as you’re willing to address them at a later time. You may feel isolated from your closest friends, but this is only a temporary situation. Unfortunately, by dwelling on your emotions you could inadvertently extend your current loneliness, turning it into a deeper state of pessimism.

Fortunately, your perceptions are sharp and your logic is sound. Instead of mourning over what’s gone wrong, channel your intensity toward accomplishing something right. Small steps lead to significant changes.


Your network of friends and associates can be a pillar of support today, especially if a pet project of yours has run into difficulty. Your immediate reaction may be one of defeat, but this is the least sensible response.

Although holding on to your dreams is motivational, there is little room for idealism now because you have specific tasks that must be handled sooner than later. An objective approach to the obstacles you currently face enables you to pinpoint the most obvious problem and get to work fixing it. Thomas Carlyle wrote, “No pressure, no diamonds.”


You’re not particularly appreciative of anyone who pops your bubble of happiness today. However, you may owe more gratitude to this messenger of truth than you realize. People tend to feed your optimism with their confidence, which can backfire if practical reality doesn’t support all your positive thinking.

It’s better to discern an unpleasant truth while you can still do something about it than to go on believing that a fantasy is real. Author Gregory David Roberts wrote, “Give me an honest frown over a false smile, any day.”


People sometimes see you as the undisputed champion of making plans that work. In fact, they might look to you for guidance when developing their own strategies for success. However, before you start any scheming at all, you must first be satisfied that the designated goal is the most sensible one.

Stepping through the process of validating someone’s intentions may be a gift you can give that’s more valuable than you’ll ever know. Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark.


There are plenty of ideas running around in your head now, but you cannot pursue them unless there’s enough time in your day. Unfortunately, you might already feel as if you are overcommitted. Although you can’t easily pare back your obligations, you can make your future brighter by refusing to add more to your calendar.

If your current level of busyness increased over the past couple of months, rest assured that your schedule will become more manageable in the days ahead. Leo Tolstoy wrote, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”


When you can’t see around the next bend, it’s tougher to make decisions about your future. It’s as if a filter has been placed on your mind’s eye that prevents you from achieving the high resolution you need in order to make the best choices now.

Ironically, the simple act of backing off for a couple of days will drastically change your perspective, bringing you the clarity you seek in order to set priorities for the weeks and months ahead. Ironically, the current distance makes your eyesight sharper.

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