Those born under the sign of Cancer have many natural abilities that allow them to achieve success in a wide range of professions. Both emotional stability and financial security remain on equal par for Cancer natives, who have great skill in organizing finances, running a business, and making a comfortable living.

This sign governs the Fourth House, which is related to home and one’s emotional foundation. Sometimes seen as overly frugal, Cancerians are also known to choose the very best money can buy when it comes to must-haves.

Here are the best careers suited to Cancer:

1.  Antiques Dealer
Cancers love to reminisce about the days of old and also enjoy collecting things. By combining your fabulous business sense with your love of treasured collectibles, you could easily start your own unique shop. This type of business would satisfy your emotional needs as well as cater to a special clientele who would cherish what you hold dear. Value for value, you provide and receive successful gains.

2. Historian
Seeing into the past through narratives and texts of those who have come before could be made into more than just a hobby for your sign. Cancer’s passion and undying interest could land you in a viable career with a library, university, or archival center. As much as you love to learn, you equally love to encourage others to investigate, probe, or write articles and books on well-analyzed historic facts, people, and places.

3. Nutritionist
A natural choice for this sign would be in the realm of health, improving the quality of people’s lives through their dietary intake. Interestingly, the Crab governs the area of the stomach. More than merely food fads, your teachings can help educate others about the kind of nourishment they are taking into their bodies and what preventative habits can keep them from developing health risks. Fitness clubs, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and institutions require nutritionists on board.

4. Caterer
Because Cancer natives are so good at management and organization as well as cooking, developing a career in the world of catering is a likely choice for you. With uncanny accuracy in understanding what your clients want and your talent for developing menus that satisfy and nourish, it would be easy for you to acquire word-of-mouth advertising. Hard work and people-pleasing skills can bring a lot of cashflow to your bank account.

5. Gardener
Governed by the Moon and her cycles, Cancer natives would do well with Mother Earth by working for a nursery, a family-operated vegetable garden, or a landscaping business. Perhaps you would be happiest fulfilling a leadership role as head gardener for a large estate, public park, or botanic haven. Growing plants, fresh herbs, and vegetables is a natural career choice for the Crab with a green thumb.

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