Tensions may arise today, Gemini. You may be too realistic or dreamy to effectively deal with this issue. You need to find a compromise. Finding others who agree with your position is the hardest part. People in disagreement are unlikely to change their positions. To reach an agreement, you may need to make compromises.

Keeping your body in shape can be something you can be proud of. You are the result of the effort you have put in to staying fit, healthy, and safe. This noble cause is now yours. When it comes to your own health, prioritize doing what is best for you rather than doing something for others. You will do more for your health by taking care of yourself than you would for others.

The energy of today means you can play one of your favorite games. It’s the game where, no matter what your partner says to you, you see things completely differently. It’s fine up to a certain point. But it doesn’t mean that you can continue doing this indefinitely. You may end up becoming more distant if you try to be contrary.

“It’s time to forgive yourself for the people who walked away. For the ones who didn’t fight, for the ones who made you feel like you were not worthy of being loved the way you loved others. It’s time to forgive yourself for the way in which you trusted, the way in which you let them leave fingerprints along your spine. It’s time to forgive yourself for unhinging your chest, for letting them leave their memories in your ribcage, for letting them take so much of you.”

Colors of the day: Royal Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D

Cosmic Tip: Keep working towards yourself.

Tips for Singles: Be humble to everyone you meet; love may surprise you.

Tips for Couples: Giving space is equally important.

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