If you believe in the principle of “you reap what you sow,” Geminis, then you are in for some great rewards in the coming months. You will see the fruits of your hard work, focus, and determination in the form of promotions and raises that acknowledge everything you do. Keep your passion and energy high. You will soon be able to see the doors that have opened for you, and you are about to step into them.

You are impressionable and easily stimulated. Today’s planetary energy can lead you to succumb to sexual impulses that may not be in your best interest, such as staying up all night eating ice cream. This dreamy absence of limits is a result of the cosmic climate, which can be both seductive and troublesome. You can have fun, but you shouldn’t lose sight of your goals. If you manage to exercise three days a week, that’s not an impossible feat.

Today may be a day filled with sweetness and positivity, like cherry nougat and cotton candy. The positive energy of the day can give your relationship a fresh start. Show your partner how much you love them by treating them to a delicious candlelit dinner with all the trimmings. They will be so grateful that they won’t even have room for dessert.

“When you are going through difficult times, remember:
you might have lost some major battles, but you survived and you’re still here.
That is a victory.
Show your happiness and celebrate your ability to go forward.”

Colors of the day: Purple, Black, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, N, U

Cosmic Tip: If you prepare yourself well, you will not be afraid to do it.

Tips for Singles: Spend time on pursuing your hobbies today.

Tips for Couples: You should listen to your partner and make your decisions together.

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