Inflated egos could block your progress today Gemini. Be on the alert for those who are trying to take a larger slice than they should. You should be realistic about how resources are allocated to others. You might be being exploited by someone who is generous. Make sure to use your investigative skills to find the cause of the problem.

The current aspect presents difficult conditions for friendships. Working out can help you gain perspective and allow you to pay attention to your body, rather than react to miscommunications. It takes effort and time to stay fit. This can help you and your relationship because it allows you to take care of yourself and reflect on conflicts. Everyone would be more focused on celebrating the good things in relationships, rather than focusing on what isn’t working.

The day’s planet formation raises the issue of fantasies. You may be wondering what happened to your heart, as it often appeared so far removed from real love. Your fantasy is to feel what it feels like. You might be surprised at what you are missing if you allow yourself to play with it for long enough. You might be surprised.

“When I stopped convincing myself that I was alone, I realized that I was surrounded — by human beings who just wanted to connect, and that was beautiful. That was when my healing began, that was when I started to realize that we need each other more than we will every truly comprehend.”

Colors of the day: Dark Blue, Peach

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, Y

Cosmic Tip: Live at the moment

Tips for Singles: A beautiful life awaits you. Go grab it!

Tips for Couples: Discover the intense passion that you and your lover share.

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