The announcement of changes in your area may cause consternation in your neighborhood, Gemini. Some of these changes may be the result of new companies, legislation, or regulations that are unpopular with the majority of people. You may anticipate a flurry of phone calls, spontaneous meetings, and other forms of community engagement, some of which may escalate into angry arguments. Make sure you’re prepared and that you maintain your concentration.

Take control of your health and you may find that there is just too much to keep track of at times. Diet, habit, exercise, sickness, sleep, and everything else that goes along with this thing called “self-love” are all important considerations. It is for this reason why you have pals. Your buddies can assist you in assessing your circumstance and determining the most appropriate line of action. Sometimes all you truly need is to chuckle your way out of a stressful situation!

You have a great deal of emotional sensitivity. You may believe that peace is all you need to be happy, yet you may be devastated when you realize what is happening in the rest of the world. Take advantage of every opportunity to give yourself peace: peace in the shower, peace at the dinner table, and peace in bed, to name a few examples. Learn to demand what you want to see in the world in your own life by setting high standards for yourself. Bringing that inner strength to the surface can help you to remain focused and grounded. The foundation of this dream is physical activity.

“I am not sad anymore. I am not weak or tender or quiet like you remember because the second you said those words and closed that door, I sold my soul to the part of myself I had buried in order to love you, to let you touch every inch of my rotten body, for I wanted to be touchable and not so strange. Not so sad and tender, like I’ve always been, they say, so I changed.
And then your glances and words throwing knives with no return about my change of habits and ways of living, being, and I nodded and smiled, dying silently a little bit inside.”

Lucky Color: Sea Green, Black

Lucky Number: 8, 9

Lucky Alphabets: K,Y

Cosmic tip: Prioritize yourself.

Tips for singles: Enjoy your company and a little time alone.

Tips for couples: Do not hide anything from your partner.

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