You may be quite stimulated by today’s general energy, Gemini. Perhaps the word ‘stinked’ is too mild. Get ready for battle with your armor. While others may be afraid to look outside at what is happening, you’ll want to join the fight. The weapons of choice are strong emotions. This department is a must-have.

You deal sometimes with emotions by keeping them very private and not allowing others to see your feelings. You feel like things are only going to get worse, so you keep it under wraps. You can end up suffering unnecessary pain by following your survival instinct. You can avoid this by going for a run when you feel blue. If you feel still blue, share your feelings with a friend.

You might feel the urge to run, particularly if your relationship is in jeopardy. It is going to be an intense day. Your partner won’t be gentle if you make them aware of their shortcomings. You can choose to remain put if you are able. It is possible to learn valuable things about yourself and about others.

“You are good enough because you house within yourself a heart that beats deeply and feels without question. You are good enough because that beating heart gives you the ability to love someone in the most profound way. That is all that matters. Your past does not matter, your faults do not matter – the only thing that matters is that you have a heart.”

Colors of the day: Royal Blue, Sunset Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, P

Cosmic Tip: Once you are stable in your thoughts & emotions, can make the impossible possible.

Tips for Singles: Mr. Ms. Perfect would come at the right time you.

Tips for Couples: Communication is the key to solve your problems.

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