There might be some opposition today Gemini. But don’t dwell on it. It is important to keep your head up and have a positive attitude. You can help bring balance to the issues and understand and appreciate others. Give charity to those who make sacrifices in order that your ride is more pleasant.

If you are dependent on others’ approval, it could be a vicious cycle. Too much dependency can cause frustration. There is no right or wrong answer, but it’s important to maintain healthy self-esteem. This is how you treat yourself. Make sure you get your exercise in, eat healthy, delicious food, and, most importantly, rest well. Chamomile tea can be brewed to aid in sleeping if you are having trouble falling asleep.

The current astral energy makes it easy to arrange a conversation among like-minded people. You are seeking someone different in your relationship life. You will want them to have a unique outlook and attitude about life. Make sure you include potential candidates on your guest list. It will be a fascinating discussion.

“Tell me about the hands that broke you like tree branches. Tell me about the heart that made you a home, the barren soul that used your dry bones like kindling in the middle of winter. Tell me about the house fire, the ashes which you rose from. Tell me about your resurrection – but don’t you dare tell me that you are not strong enough this time, don’t you dare tell me that you cannot
rise again,
and again,
and again.”

Colors of the day: Magenta, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 3, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, A, Y

Cosmic Tip: You must retain hope.

Tips for Singles: Embrace each step towards a commitment.

Tips for Couples: Accept your partner instead of trying to change them.

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