The Moon heads into your sign today, dear Gemini, and emotions and feelings grab your attention!

The Moon’s connections today can point to satisfying interactions with friends, networks, or groups, and opportunities to share your ideas and learn something useful.

Mind you, the Sun and Jupiter form a minor challenging aspect, and this can point to divided feelings or some restlessness as you try to integrate two apparently conflicting urges.

With this aspect, there is a tendency to either overdo and push too hard, or to avoid responsibilities altogether, and neither situation is going to leave you feeling satisfied!

If you’re paying too much attention to details and neglecting to let your intuition guide you, you won’t arrive at useful conclusions.

It’s likely your reputation for being a chatterbox precedes you. You would daydream out loud all day if you could.

Instead of letting your musings waft into the ethers, pin them down in ink or color to make them last longer.

Artists and authors hold the secret to immortality by sharing their imagination through their brushes and pens.

Live so boldly that you too may go down in the annals of history. Sharpen your intellect and follow your muse wherever it wanders.

When the Sun left Gemini in June, as well as bringing your birthday month to a close, this brought all planetary activity for the year to an end, as is usually the case.

It is the Moon’s return every four weeks that gives you a chance to check in. Yet as the Moon returns today it will be to find that Juno, queen of commitment has returned literally, just minutes earlier.

From out of nowhere, there is a chance to not just check in, but become engaged again and even rewrite the script.

Today’s Quote: “You cannot always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes you must dare to jump.”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 8, 10, 25, 32

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

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