You are a perfectionist by nature, which often gets you in trouble because you need to do things and tasks the way you want them to be done. You may get into an argument with a friend which would make you angry but apart from that, your decision-making skills saved the day. You need to concentrate on making connections that will help you grow as an individual in life.

Your health has been thriving. You have been working out and you haven’t even missed a day. You have started eating healthy and trying out new healthy recipes and that can be seen as well. You feel more energetic and refreshed, moreover, you also feel as though you are more productive at work and you are bustling with ideas and new concepts. Your migraines have stopped too, and it is all because of your healthy lifestyle.

At the first glance, you may come off as cool and uncaring, but you are a sensitive person by nature. You dislike showing vulnerability in front of people and prefer being by yourself. Because of which people often mistake you to be rude and impersonal and label you off as cold and hard. You wish you could communicate your feelings better and in a simpler way without sounding complex.

“Letting go meant you accepted what couldn’t be changed. You didn’t try to hold on to hope in order to coerce a change in fortune…nor did you battle against superior forces of fate and try to make them capitulate to your will…nor did you beg for salvation because you assumed you knew better. Letting go meant you stared at what was before you with clear eyes, recognizing that unfettered choice was the exception and destiny the rule.”

Colors of the day: Blue, Orange
Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 4
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with B, M
Cosmic tip: You are stronger than you think.
Tips for Singles –Spend time with your friends.
Tips for Couples – Give time to each other.

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