When you will wake up today, Dear Gemini, you will have a playful feeling in your tummy, like butterflies. You will feel extremely playful and confident as you will begin your day. This will set the right tone for you and you will be able to carry out your task very smoothly. Your energy will be contagious and people around you will be able to notice it very visibly. It will be one of those days where you know everywhere you go, no matter what kind of situations you encounter, you will remain pleasant and stress-free.

It is best if you don’t overindulge in eating junk or specific cuisines which will upset your tummy. You have a knack, dear Gemini, of checking out any new restaurant or a local food shop that opens just around the corner which can easily upset your stomach. You may even have allergies you are not aware of. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that will keep your stomach away from bloating or heartburn. You can even check with an Ayurveda Doctor.

You can be a little emotional today, Gemini. You will feel all nostalgic, remembering about your childhood friends. Tears will come but these tears won’t be of sadness. You will be remembering the good old days and feeling very sweet. You are now on a stable platform and continue to strive to become better and sweeter by yourself. Being on a rollercoaster of emotions is not the thing for you anymore. You are stable, established, and solid in your approach today.

“Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you’ve ever been, to stand up taller than you than you ever were.”

Colors of the day: Baby Pink, Beige

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4,5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: O, Q

Cosmic Tip: Modern age is where you have traverse from Religion to Responsibility.

Tips for Singles: Acting coy is one age-old tick that still works even today.

Tips for Couples: Never go to bed angry with your partner.

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