The planetary positions are in complete alignment. This will greatly impact your mood and you will be feeling rejuvenated with renewed energy and confidence. Your spirits are going to get high and you will be more determined than ever. However, take things a little slower and better if you don’t jump off to a new project immediately. There may be some unexpected delays in work but you need to handle them smartly.

You are going to be in a vulnerable position this week. With the sudden change in weather, your health might not be able to handle it properly and you might fall victim to the spell of the weather. The weak immune system will make you vulnerable to germs and diseases and therefore, you will be required to include an adequate number of vitamins, minerals, and protein in your diet.

There are going to be some important accomplishments made by you this week. You might have been feeling a little lost lately, but this week will prove your competency. There are going to be new business opportunities awaiting you on the horizon this week. You might also get new job offers and it might be the best time to switch. However, be careful and don’t rush to conclusions. You might be working on your new product and this week might be the right time to launch it finally.

There might be some arguments and issues that you might have to encounter between you and your partner. Some heated arguments between the two of you may disrupt the harmony. Although the beginning of the week is going to be a rough start, however, with the gradual progression things will turn out to be favorable. Be cautious in starting a new relationship as the temptation might ruin you later.

Colors of the Week: Orange, Light Green

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 1, 4

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: D, N

Cosmic Tips: Optimism will help you to overcome the hurdles.

Tips For Singles: You are wonderful just the way you are and you don’t need anyone right now.

Tips for Couples: Loving can be hard but you will have to prove your loyalty.

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