This week is perfect for collaborations. You will start working on your hobby that you set aside a long time ago. You will notice some new connections and inspiration coming from unexpected places. Connections may not be forever but they will prove beneficial for you. If you get shy when talking to new people then this week you will notice all your hesitation going away. This week is about a fresh start.

As mentioned earlier this week is perfect for collaborations so call your friend or partner and join a gym or yoga class together. Doing something with your friends will always keep you motivated. Healthy breakfasts are a good idea if you involve your family in them. This week your body can show its magic if you are ready to wave the wand. Do not hesitate to try something new to improve your health.

If you are in the fashion industry then this week is perfect for some great collaborations. Unveil your creative side and start looking for great collaborators. If you own a business then new clients are on their way to finalize the deal with you. Job-seekers may get an opportunity to work in a startup company that can change their career positively. Pay close attention to the opportunities that come.

This week you will experience the level of happy emotions. To say it more clearly you will be happy throughout the week but the happiness will keep increasing day by day. You will be able to make new connections both personally and professionally. Your health will make you feel confident and fresh. You will get the inspiration to do something new from an unexpected source. Your partner may surprise you this week.

Lucky colors of the week: Green, Navy Blue

Lucky numbers of the week: 5, 2, 1

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: Y, O, C

Cosmic tip: You are the writer of your life story.

Tips for singles: Work on being the best version of yourself.

Tips for couples: Keep realistic expectations.

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